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Fight Master: Bellator MMA Episode 7 Recap

Fight Master: Bellator MMA rolls along with its first season on Spike TV. The show follows 32 welterweights as they vie for $100,000 and a shot in an upcoming Bellator tournament. MMAFrenzy will have continuing coverage of the burgeoning and innovative reality show until the show wraps up at the Bellator Season 9 premiere this September[Spoilers Below]

Evan Cutts talks about coach Joe Warren after the flashback. Cutts admits that while Warren’s methods are different they’re making him better at wrestling than he ever was. Souza feels confident in the pairing and talks about loving his training under Couture. Cutts’ teammates are not big fans of the pairing, believing that he just does not have the stand up to win.

Evan Cutts (RiNo Sports) vs. Cristiano Souza (Xtreme Couture)

  1. Cutts is looking to cautiously advance for the takedown while Souza is loading up. Souza bulls his way out of the takedown and off the cage. Nasty left and right by Souza land. Souza is on the warpath now and is just mauling Cutts as he tries desperately to survive. Somehow Cutts is still handing as Souza is using a ton of energy trying to finish. Cutts goes down and tries to tie up Souza on the ground but he rolls effectively. Cutts is chaining submission attempts but Souza is defending well as he looks to tee off. Souza lets Cutts up and Cutts tries to pressure. Souza’s pace has really slowed. Takedown attempt by Cutts and he gets it at first but Souza rolls for the kneebar as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Souza.
  2. Cutts seizes control to start the second and he is throwing heavy knees and kicks in the clinch on the cage. Cutts drops to a double but gets countered and takedown. Souza looks for a side choke from half guard but cannot get it. Cutts escapes by giving up side control briefly. Wheel kick by Souza just misses. Cutts is trying another takedown and ends up with back control as Souza tries to roll for a kneebar. Cutts gets reversed though and his coaches are furious. Out of nowhere, Cutts throws up his legs and traps Souza in a deep triangle and that’s it.

Evan Cutts def. Cristiano Souza via submission (triangle choke) – Round 2

Souza and Cutts’ own teammates are shocked he was able to win after being beat so badly. Warren is elated to say the least, and Cutts is clearly hurting but thrilled to come away with the victory.

Show returns after the break with Team Jackson’s Eric Bradley preparing to fight Xtreme Couture’s A.J. Matthews and it’s flashback time. Matthews chooses Bradley and says he wanted the challenge of facing the former elite wrestler. Bradley talks about how much his life changed after serving jail time while at Penn State. Jackson raves about Bradley’s potential and his instincts. Jackson worries a little over Couture’s coaching abilities.

Couture talks about how he trained Bradley and knows him well. Matthews is clearly laboring with an injured shoulder and feels he may have made the wrong choice by taking on the wrestler. Couture tries to talk him up to help boost his confidence but he is clearly taking a bad shoulder into a fight with an elite wrestler.

Eric Bradley (Jackson’s MMA) vs. AJ Matthews (Xtreme Couture)

  1. Bradley starts the action off in the striking. Bradley with a takedown after Matthews tries to slug it out. Matthews scrambles to the cage and Bradley is nailing him with knees to the thigh while keeping him down. Bradley just keeps up the knees with Matthews tries to get hand position. Matthews works for a kimura but only uses it to stand. Hook by Bradley and he’s clearly cut over his eye. Not sure when that happened. Matthews walks him down and looks to pound Bradley but a beautiful outside single by Bradley gets the fight back to the canvas. More knees to the thigh by Bradley and he moves to take Matthews back. Bradley keeps using the knees here. Matthews again looks for the kimura but does not get it. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Bradley
  2. Bradley’s cut looks bad in the corner before the round. Bradley is evading Matthews combos while landing his own. Matthews gets frustrated and storms forward only to get taken down again by an outside single. Knees to the thigh and body by Bradley and he lets Matthews up. Bradley takes a bad shot but uses gorgeous wrestling to still get the takedown and take Bradley’s back. Matthews works back but Bradley again puts him down. Clear illegal elbow by Matthews along the cage but it isn’t called. Bradley isn’t phased though and stays absolutely relentless against the cage. Matthews uses double unders to work back out and misses on a huge knee as Bradley drops to a takedown. Bradley has him down again briefly has side control before the fight ends with Bradley on his back. MMAFrenzy has it for Bradley (20-18).

Eric Bradley def. A.J. Matthews via unanimous decision

Opening Round:

Jackson’s MMA

  • Bryan Travers (lost to Lozano)
  • Joe Riggs (defeated Scallan)
  • Tim Welch (lost to Barnes)
  • Eric Bradley (defeated Matthews)

Team Shamrock

  • Mike Dubois (lost to Cole Williams)
  • Chris Lozano (defeated Travers)
  • Nick Barnes (defeated Welch)
  • Joe Williams (defeated Gonzalez)

Xtreme Couture

  • Cole Williams (defeated Dubois)
  • Cristiano Souza (lost to Cutts)
  • Mike Bronzoullis (defeated Norwood)
  • A.J. Matthews (lost to Bradley)

Rino Sports (Team Warren)

  • Eric Scallan (lost to Riggs)
  • Jason Norwood (lost to Bronzoullis)
  • Ismael Gonzalez (lost to Williams)
  • Evan Cutts (defeated Souza)

That’s all for the round of 16 as next week’s show will begin the Fight Master: Bellator MMA quarterfinals.


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