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Aldo Okay With TRT, Questions if Couture Was “Clean”

Kelsey Mowatt

Randy Couture

If you thought discussions regarding testosterone-replacement-therapy were going to die down pretty soon, guess again, as UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo is making headlines for some of the comments he’s made on the controversial subject.

While speaking to the Brazilian publication, Aldo was asked about TRT, which has become a major issue in the sport, at a time when a prescribed user Vitor Belfort has blasted his way back into title shot contention (translated comment thanks to MMA

“I don’t see the problem with using TRT,” Aldo told Tatame. “Everybody uses [steroids], from the champion to the newcomer. I believe we [from Nova Uniao] are the only ones that don’t do that, because Andre (Pederneiras) was always against steroids. I think it’s wrong to criticize someone who came forward and said they take TRT.”

“Americans always used that,” he said. “Randy Couture fought until he was 50, and you say he was clean? If the doctors prescribe you and you’re on the limits, OK, I see no problem. If I need that one day, I will use TRT too.”

Aldo’s comments are obviously gaining a ton of attention due to the fact he mentioned a legend like Couture, although it doesn’t seem like he’s accusing “The Natural” of using steroids. Still, since lots of people see TRT as cheating, even suggesting the legend may not have been “clean” isn’t going to go over well with lots of fans.

Couture closed out his career in April, 2011, after he was knocked out by Lyoto Machida in the second round at UFC 129. At the time, Couture was 47 years old. The former heavyweight and light-heavyweight champion never tested positive for any PEDs during his career.

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