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“King Mo” Lawal Warns Emanuel Newton: “Payback is a Bitch”

Kelsey Mowatt

King Mo Lawal

While “King Mo” Lawal may not have been a household name when Bellator added him to its roster,  the deal was widely viewed as a big one, not only because of the light-heayweight’s abilities, but because of his verbal skills (which is why Lawal was also signed to a pro-wrestling deal). Today, Bellator announced that Lawal will rematch Emanuel Newton at the promotion’s first PPV event on November 2nd, and “King Mo” is already doing a fine job of promoting the bout.

Of course, as you likely recall, Newton KO’d Lawal in highlight reel fashion at Bellator 90 in February, with a spinning backfist that’s been viewed countless times since. In a press release announcing their rematch, here’s what Lawal had to say about that fight, and the man who was responsible for handing him the defeat.

“Listen, I’m going to be real honest about this. Emanuel is fake as hell,” Lawal said. “He runs his mouth about being a black skinhead or something, and likes to act real hard. He’s as hard as baby shit. I’m going to destroy this guy. He landed a shot on me in our first fight, nothing more than that. I’m better than him in every facet of the game. I didn’t even shoot on him that first fight. I can take this fight anywhere I want it, and I will. It’s over. I’m taking that belt in Long Beach, bringing it back to Las Vegas, and no one is getting it back. Not Vegh, Not Rampage. Not Tito, not anyone. It’s mine. Payback is bitch, Emanuel.”

Sure, Lawal may be playing up a bit to sell tickets and PPV buys, but it certainly sounds like he’s eager to get that loss back. And what did Newton have to say about rematching “King Mo”?

“I’m not going to spout off and trash Mo, I don’t have to do that,” Newton said. “I know Mo is going to run his mouth and try to sell his game, but I don’t have anything to prove. I’m the one that knocked him out, and he’s the one that has to deal with that loss on his record, not me. I did it once, and I’m going to do it again, this time on an even bigger stage. History likes to repeat itself, and November 2nd Mo’s going to have to deal with another big loss on his record.”

With Chandler-Alvarez II and Lawal-Newton II now set for November 2nd, probably a lot more people are thinking about shelling out for that PPV then just a few days ago.

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