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UFC Fight Night 26 Play-by-Play

UFC Fight Night 26 Play-by-Play

MMAFrenzy’s live coverage of UFC Fight Night: Sonnen vs. Shogun  continues with our UFC Fight Night 26 play-by-play. Our coverage will begin tonight at 8PM and continue through tonight’s main event pitting former light heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua against Chael Sonnen. Make sure to check back and refresh often for complete coverage of tonight’s action at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

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UFC Fight Night 26 Play-by-Play:

Michael Johnson vs. Joe Lauzon

Rd. 1- Yves Lavigne is our referee and we’re off after a glove touch. Crowd is already starting the “Lets go Lauzon!” chant. Johnson is more active early on with the striking. Hard legkick and jab by Johnson here and he looks strong early. Lauzon looks to clinch but is shoved off and eats a straight to the body. Lauzon answers with some shots of his own as the action slows. Johnson with a nasty straight left that flattens Lauzon but he is unable to follow up and Lauzon is back up. Johnson presses with power shots and gets clipped by a right of his own and the pace settles down. Johnson is looking amazing with his striking to this point of the fight. Nasty power combination by Johnson at the 0:40 mark of the round and then catches Lauzon with a left again. Johnson stands up and cockily waves Lauzon up. Johnson drops him with a knee as the round ends and is literally thrown off by Lavigne as he tries to throw after the bell and gets warned for a DQ. MMAFrenzy has it 10-8 Johnson.

Rd. 2- Lauzon lets Johnson strike early and looks for a kneepick off the underhook and we’re on the cage now. Crowd is back behind Lauzon but Johnson escapes. Johnson is starting to slow but still firing. Lauzon is stalking Johnson along the cage but still being just out-struck so far. Lauzon catches Johnson with a big left but Johnson lands a hard strike of his own and recovers. Johnson takes control of the clinch on the cage briefly but backs out after eating a knee. Lauzon lands a left and clinches. Johnson seizes control of the clinch though and is grinding Lauzon out until breaking. Johnson’s punches have less steam on them now and he is breathing heavily. Nice combo by Johnson. Lauzon rushes but gets taken down by Johnson as the clapper sounds. Few strikes from Johnson as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Johnson (20-17).

Rd. 3- Touch of gloves and we’re under way for the final round. Johnson is just circling to start the round and Lauzon isn’t cutting him off. Inside legkick and a solid combo landed by Johnson. Johnson is teeing off again and he looks incredible. Lauzon in a desperate take down but doesn’t get it. Johnson is light years ahead of Lauzon in the speed department. Lauzon just looks a step behind as Johnson lands at will. Johnson listens to his coaches and lands 1-2 high kick combo. Lauzon again misses a take down and is just taking a beating now. Lauzon seems to be done here as Johnson picks him apart with a minute left. Lauzon’s face is a mess of swelling. Lauzon lands a knee that awakens the crowd but it is too little too late. Johnson with a driving takedown after the clapper sounds and that’s it. MMAFrenzy has the round and the fight for Johnson (30-26).

Michael Johnson def. Joe Lauzon via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,30-25)

Uriah Hall vs. John Howard

Rd. 1- Boston crowd is clearly in support of their hometown man in Howard. Mario Yamasaki is the referee. Hall with a driving take down to the chagrin of Howard. Howard ties him up and is trying to use butterflies to stand-up as Hall looks to posture up. Hall is patiently landing small shots and lets Howard stand. Legkick by Howard but he eats a punch. Hall is starting to cut loose now in the standup and the speed advantage is evident. Hall eats a glancing left hook but recovers and seizes control in the clinch. Hall drops to a double but Howard defends here. Hall sees a takedown stuffed and Howard drops to one of his own. Howard looks much more powerful than he did at welterweight. Hall separates and lands a knee and a left straight on the exit. Hall throws the wheel kick again and just misses before the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Hall.

Rd. 2- Touch of gloves here. Frontkick to the body by Howard. Fighters exchange legkicks and then Hall launches a series of headkicks. Hall fakes a strike and goes for a takedown but has to back out defend a guillotine. Nice strikes by Hall on the exit. Howard tries a takedown against the cage and Hall fends him off. Body shots by Howard along the cage but Hall answers with knees and takes control of the clinch on the cage. Yamasaki separates them and the fighters touch gloves on the restart. Hall lands a knee but Howard catches the leg. Hall uses a kimura to reverse the takedown and spins to Howard’s back. Impressive speed. Knees to the thigh by Hall as Howard stands. Howard uses a kimura of his own to escape. Nice hook and kick by Howard and then he lands a nice takedown. Hall is landing some strikes of his own off his back and Howard responds in kind. Howard looks to back out but notices Hall setting up an upkick and pauses on his knees before the round ends, even winks at Uriah as the horn sounds. MMAFrenzy has it 19-19 now.

Rd. 3- Touch of gloves again. Hall just misses a spinning back kick. Big knee by Hall counters a hook by Howard. Another counter knee and legkick by Hall. Hall looks for a take down and then clinches on the cage instead. Bit of chatter between the fighters on the cage. Small shots by Howard and Hall landing knees here before Yamasaki separates them. Touch of gloves. Hall with another powerful knee but gets taken down. Howard is just holding on as Hall works up. Knees to the thigh by Howard. Howard gets reversed and Hall with a take down. Hall with knees to the thighs before they separate. Howard pumps up the crowd with short time. Hall tries a front flip kick that connects glancingly and Howard dives into a big punch as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Hall but it is anyone’s fight. (29-28)

John Howard def. Uriah Hall via split decision (30-27,28-29,29-28)

Matt Brown vs. Mike Pyle

Rd. 1- Touch of gloves and we’re off. Brown connects after an exchange and drops Pyle, quick follow-up causes a flash KO and Brown’s win-streak is now at six.

Matt Brown def. Mike Pyle via KO (strikes) at 0:29 of Round 1

Yuri Alcantara vs. Urijah Faber

Rd. 1- Yves Lavigne is our referee. Touch of gloves by both fighters. Massive throw by Iuri he has Urijah mounted. Faber scrambles to a leg attack but Iuri retakes his back. Strikes by Alcantara on Faber’s back. Faber is landing soft shots head of Iuri. Alcantara is digging for the choke and while he misses it he is now looking for a back mount armbar. Faber escapes to his feet and lands a big slam. Alcantara nearly with a triangle but his leg gets trapped. Big elbows by Urijah now. Massive illegal elbow by Faber but the referee looks on. Stepuid “USA” chant begins now. Alcantara recovers guard but Faber is landing big elbows now. Fabers pace is slowing but he still lands two big elbows as the round ends. Crazy fight. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Faber.

Rd. 2- Urijah tries a headkick early but gets knocked down by a counter strike. Iuri swarms but Faber lands the take down as the “USA” chant starts again. Faber works to deep half guard and lands a nasty knee to the body. Alcantara recovers guard here but Faber is landing hard shots from the top now. Iuri is unable to really respond as Faber has him stuck in the corner of the cage. Faber stands to pass but Alcantara goes stand and Faber tries the guillotine but loses it. Deep half guard again now and big elbows from Urijah. Alcantara works back to his feet and  looks for a takedown in the clinch. Iuri tries a throw but Urijah slips it and tees off on the Brazilian as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-8 Faber (20-17).

Rd. 3- Urijah looks to swarm but is forced to back off a little. Iuri is more measured to start the round as Faber is charging. Headkick by Alcantara is blocked and Faber tries a takedown. Iuri stops the take down but still seems a bit tentative. Faber with a nice backtrip takedown after a clinch. Faber is now in total control. Faber is just negating anything Iuri tries of his back and he is completely dominating the fight. Arm-bar to an omplata attack by Iuri, and then he just misses a triangle attempt. Fight ends with Faber in control. Very impressive recovery by Faber. MMAFrenzy scores a 10-8 Faber (30-25).

Urijah Faber def. Iuri Alcantara via unanimous decision (30-26,30-26,30-27)

Travis Browne vs. Alistair Overeem

Rd. 1- Mario Yamasaki is the third man in the cage tonight. Overeem immediately seizes control of the fight with a solid combination and a big knee. Browne escapes off the cage but Overeem backs him up again. Overeem looks for a guillotine but it isn’t there but he is on the rampage as browne tries to get out. Overeem is teeing off trying to finish the fight and drops Browne with another knee. Possible illegal knee but Browne works up and slows Overeem with a nice combo. Overeem is back in control quickly though. Overeem has a brief takedown but Browne is up quick. Overeem ducks a Browne punch and gainst takes control on the cage. Browne is just winging big kicks that Overeem easily evades but needs to start minding. Browne with a big front kick to the chin and down goes Overeem!!!!! That’s it!

Travis Browne def. Alistair Overeem via KO (front kick) at 4:08 of Round 1

Mauricio Rua vs. Chael Sonnen

Rd. 1- Herb Dean is the referee tonight. Sonnen immediately lands a double and Rua works back up. Rua with a takedown on Chael now. Rua is tying him up but Chael jumps a guillotine and Rua has to back out to escape. Nice Greco-Roman by Chael in the clinch and he is working in half guard. Rua tries to work up but Chael keeps landing those short shots that have become calling card. Rua uses butterflies to tie up Sonnen but Sonnen breaks his grip and lands a solid body shot. Rua goes for an up kick and Chael uses it to pass. Rua is trying tie up Chael in order to sweep/escape but Chael’s base is just too strong. Chael jumps an arm-in guillotine and pulls guard. Rua desperately tries to fight out but he is forced to tap.

Chael Sonnen def. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua via submission (guillotine) at 4:47 of Round 1


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