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UFC Fight Night 26: Faber Survives Scare, Dominates Alcantara

Yuri Alcantara

UFC Fight Night 26 moved to the bantamweight division for our third fight of the night. In one of the more intriguing fights of the night, bantamweights Iuri Alcantara and Urijah Faber went to battle early before Faber seized control of the fight.

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Faber Recovers to Dominate Alcantara

In tonight’s final bout before the headliners (and c0-headliners) took the stage, Team Alpha Male’s Urijah Faber survived an early scare to defeat Iuri Alcantara. The Brazilian secured a beautiful throw to obtain mount in the first round and immediately went on the offensive. Faber was undeterred however and did not panic, eventually scrambling out and landing a big slam. Faber would control the rest of the fight after that moment, proving why he remains a perennial contender to the UFC’s title holders. Urijah has now won three times this year, while Alcantara has lost his first fight since his drop to bantamweight.


Rd. 1- Yves Lavigne is our referee. Touch of gloves by both fighters. Massive throw by Iuri he has Urijah mounted. Faber scrambles to a leg attack but Iuri retakes his back. Strikes by Alcantara on Faber’s back. Faber is landing soft shots head of Iuri. Alcantara is digging for the choke and while he misses it he is now looking for a back mount armbar. Faber escapes to his feet and lands a big slam. Alcantara nearly with a triangle but his leg gets trapped. Big elbows by Urijah now. Massive illegal elbow by Faber but the referee looks on. Stepuid “USA” chant begins now. Alcantara recovers guard but Faber is landing big elbows now. Fabers pace is slowing but he still lands two big elbows as the round ends. Crazy fight. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Faber.

Rd. 2- Urijah tries a headkick early but gets knocked down by a counter strike. Iuri swarms but Faber lands the take down as the “USA” chant starts again. Faber works to deep half guard and lands a nasty knee to the body. Alcantara recovers guard here but Faber is landing hard shots from the top now. Iuri is unable to really respond as Faber has him stuck in the corner of the cage. Faber stands to pass but Alcantara goes stand and Faber tries the guillotine but loses it. Deep half guard again now and big elbows from Urijah. Alcantara works back to his feet and  looks for a takedown in the clinch. Iuri tries a throw but Urijah slips it and tees off on the Brazilian as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-8 Faber (20-17).

Rd. 3- Urijah looks to swarm but is forced to back off a little. Iuri is more measured to start the round as Faber is charging. Headkick by Alcantara is blocked and Faber tries a takedown. Iuri stops the take down but still seems a bit tentative. Faber with a nice backtrip takedown after a clinch. Faber is now in total control. Faber is just negating anything Iuri tries of his back and he is completely dominating the fight. Arm-bar to an omplata attack by Iuri, and then he just misses a triangle attempt. Fight ends with Faber in control. Very impressive recovery by Faber. MMAFrenzy scores a 10-8 Faber (30-25).

Urijah Faber def. Iuri Alcantara via unanimous decision (30-26,30-26,30-27)


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