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Penn Files Complaint Over Vaseline on St-Pierre’s Back

BJ Penn

BJ Penn

BJ Penn has filed a complaint with the Nevada State Athletic Commission after Vaseline was applied to Georges St-Pierre’s back between the second and third rounds of their UFC 94 headliner.

During a post-fight appearance on ESPN’s MMA Live St-Pierre explained that one of his trainers applied Vaseline to his face between the first and second rounds then rubbed his back with the same hand between the second and third rounds, accidentally applying some remaining Vaseline to his back. An NSAC official who witnessed the transfer had the Vaseline immediately wiped off with a towel.

Little is likely to come of the complaint as St-Pierre was already dominating Penn prior to the incident and the substance was immediately removed, ensuring that it had no effect on the bout’s outcome, however we’ll pass along more information on the situation when it becomes available.

MMA Live’s UFC 94 Postfight Extra is embedded below with St-Pierre’s discussion of the incident beginning at 5:25 remaining:

Update: Fightlinker has a GIF of the incident here.


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