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Benson Henderson Sets Date to Beat Silva’s Title Run Record

Kelsey Mowatt

Benson Henderson

Benson Henderson may have a tough task ahead of him in the form of Anthony Pettis, but that doesn’t mean the UFC lightweight champ isn’t thinking about the future, say, two, three years from now…

As you may know, heading into this Saturday’s UFC 164 card, “Smooth” has won seven straight fights and has defended the lightweight belt three times since he defeated Frankie Edgar (in their first meeting) last February. While Henderson is still a ways off from matching former middleweight champ Anderson Silva’s title defense record of 10, the 29 year-old has relayed he intends to set a new record in 2016. In a recent story from MMA, Henderson was quoted saying:

“I should be able to break it by 2015, but because I’m getting married I’m going to take some time off for my honeymoon. That’s going to set me back by about three to four months. But I have it down exactly. I know when I’m going to break it. It’s going to be early 2016. I know what number I need to get. I know the amount of hard work it’s going to take for me to get there. I know how much I’ve got to get beat up, I know how much I’ve got to practice. I’m aware of it. I know it. Now my goal is to go out there and go do it.”

Now granted, that may seem like quite the lofty goal, but you can’t fault a fighter for believing in their abilities and striving to be the best. In addition, even if you’re not completely sold on Henderson as a top, pound-for-pound fighter, it’s hard to argue that he isn’t an extremely well rounded athlete who has defeated several of the world’s best lightweights at this juncture. If he defeats Pettis on Saturday, and can do so in an impressive fashion, it will be interesting to see how his critics evaluate the victory.

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