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UFC Fight Night 27: Tavares Edges McDaniel

Bubba McDaniel

MMAFrenzy’s coverage of UFC Fight Night 27’s main card starts in the middleweight division as Robert ‘Bubba’ McDaniel takes on Brad Tavares. The battle of TUF alum saw Tavares build a big enough lead to get the nod in tonight’s opening fight.

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Tavares Defeats McDaniel

Brad Tavares’ striking was simply too much for Robert “Bubba” McDaniel tonight in Indy. The Ultimate Fighter 11 alum was able to build a lead in the first and second rounds with solid takedown defense and superior striking. While The Ultimate Fighter 17’s McDaniel was able to get the fight to the canvas in the third, he was unable to press the advantage with Tavares’ defensive guard. Tavares has now won four straight fights in the Octagon.


Rd. 1- Big Dan is our referee tonight in Indy. Tavares is opening it up with heavy legkicks to start the action. McDaniel seizes a body lock and tries a takedown but cannot get it. McDaniels has not found his range yet as Tavares is staying just out of reach. Tavares lands a nice kick that catches McDaniel off balance but he plays it smart and backs out. McDaniel with another clinch to a takedown attempt and while it is close Tavares scrambles up. Brief break for a low blow by Bubba and we’re back. The outside of McDaniel’s leg is starting to wear the damage of the early kicks. Tavares counters McDaniel’s clinch by seizing control but he separates. Brutal body kick by Tavares catches Bubba stepping in before the round ends MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Tavares.

Rd. 2- Tavares goes right back to the legkicks to start the round and he has Bubba flinching every time he feints. Series of punches wobble McDaniels on two straight exchanges. Tavares is looking good. Tavares lands a combination right as McDaniel advances but Bubba does manage a takedown off an accidental headbutt. Tavares scrambles back to his feet and he is up without much damage. McDaniel is wearing the damage all over his body. Tavares is alternating inside/outside leg kicks now. McDaniel is starting to look a bit befuddled in the cage as the crowd starts to boo a bit. Tavares with a takedown attempt and he has to evade a Bubba reversal before he eventually lets Bubba up. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Tavares (20-18).

Rd. 3- Bubba lands a nice left hand and it briefly wobbles Tavares but he makes the mistake of clinching rather than attacking and Brad recovers. Nasty groin strike by Tavares drops McDaniel and we have a brief break. Fighters touch gloves on the restart by Big Dan. Nice body kick by McDaniel. Bubba drops into a double leg off a combo and he ends up in Tavares’ half guard. Tavares recovers guard now as McDaniel is unable to advance. Tavares is attacking with a kimura now but Bubba respects it and backs out. McDaniel ties to take his opponent’s back but a delayed granby roll by Tavares gets him back to guard. McDaniel is trying to a dominant position with a minute left , and briefly has side control, but Tavares recovers half guard as the fight ends. MMAFrenzy has the round 10-9 McDaniel but the fight to Tavares (29-28).

Brad Tavares def. Robert “Bubba” McDaniel via unanimous decision (29-28,29-28,29-28)


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