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UFC Fight Night 27: Mizugaki Outlasts Perez

Takeya Mizugaki

MMAFrenzy continues our live coverage of tonight’s UFC Fight Night 27 fight card on FOX Sports 1 with our recap of Takeya Mizugaki vs. Erik “Goyito” Perez. The fight would see the Japanese fighter pull out the victory in a fun back-and-forth fight that had the fans cheering throughout the night.

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Mizugaki Edges Perez in Close Fight

Takeya Mizugaki is known as the measuring stick by which all bantamweights can be judged. Erik Perez would give it his all tonight in Indy, but his UFC zero had to go tonight as he was bested by the Japanese fighter in an entertaining scrap. The fighters would exchange hard combos and takedown attempts over the course of three rounds. In the end, two of the three judges would award the fight to Mizugaki. The victory gives him the longest winning streak of his career since coming to the United States.


Rd. 1- “Mini Brock” is our referee. Mizugaki landing early with nice punches and Perez responds with one of his own. Nasty exchange with both fighters landing big shots. Perez just misses a flying knee but lands a right on the follow up. Perez with a double leg but he cannot really seem to finish it and Mizugaki works back up briefly. Perez’s nose is bleeding badly now. Perez catches a kick and his coach Greg Jackson is giving good instruction as Perez lands a takedown briefly. Mizugaki is back up and then he lands a hard double leg and he quickly has a hook in while having Perez’s back. Perez escapes and lands a knee on the way up. Perez tries a takedown of his own but Mizugaki works up. Great first round. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Perez.

Rd. 2- Perez misses another flying knee and he eats a combo. Perez tries an awkward wheel kick and it hits nothing but air. Both guys are using more feints now. Nice straight right by Mizugaki starts another wild exchange. Perez is denied on a takedown attempt. Mizugaki with a step knee as Perez shoots and it allows him to shuck the takedown attempt. Mizugaki is taking advantage of Perez’s wilder style and landing some nice counters. Wicked left hook counter by Mizugaki and Perez tries another takedown. Ricky Lundell is calling out good advice to Perez and Goyito lands the takedown but really cannot do anything with it before Mizugaki is out. Another right by Mizugaki counter’s Perez. Perez’s nose is bleeding bad as the clapper sounds and he lands a brief takedown but cannot control it as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Mizugaki (19-19).

Rd. 3- Perez lands a leg kick but then eats a nasty combo by Mizugaki. Wild exchange that Mizugaki gets the better off. Perez lands a takedown and lands a few punches. Mizugaki uses the cage to stand and lands a nice bodylock to outside trip takedown. Perez has one butterfly as he tries to scramble. Mizugaki has his back and goes for the choke. Perez somehow escapes and we have yet another wild exchange. Great fight. Perez in on a takedown of his own now with just over a minute left. Perez is just grapevining the leg with his own but Mizugaki slips it and works back up. Mizugaki seizes control in the clinch and the fight ends in a flurry as the crowd cheers. MMAFrenzy has the round, and the fight, for Mizugaki 10-9 (29-28).

Takeya Mizugaki def. Erik Perez via split decision (29-28,28-29,29-28)


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