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UFC 164: Mendes Floors Guida

Clay Guida

UFC 164 moved to the featherweight division for a bout between contenders Clay Guida and Chad Mendes. The Team Alpha Male fighter would get his hand raised tonight in Milwaukee after dropping Guida in the third round of their fun fight.

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Mendes Floors Guida

Chad Mendes wanted to make a statement tonight and he certainly did against Clay Guida at the Bradley Center. Mendes stayed patient for the first two rounds of their fight, using his superior wrestling to negate Guida’s ground attack and also slow down the elusive fighter. Mendes would finish the fight in the third round with a perfectly timed counter strike that buckled Guida.

While Guida would scramble up again, a pair of strikes dropped him back down and the Team Alpha Male product swarmed for the finish before referee Yves Lavigne pulled him off. Mendes is now the first fighter since Shane Carwin to score four consecutive knockouts in the Octagon.


Rd. 1- Yves Lavigne is the referee for this one. Guida bounces forward and Mendes looks to measure up Guida. Mendes with a hard leg kick and Guida just misses a a big counter. Mendes lands a hard right but Guida lands one of his own to stop his advance. Nice exchange here and Guida shoots in but gets caught by a power guillotine but he manages to to scramble out. Head kick by Guida. Mendes dodges a series of hooks by Guida. Mendes has opened a cut under Guida’s right eye now. Jab by Mendes and Guida whiffs on a combo. Mendes shoots in on a shot and Guida tries a lateral but Mendes’ hips were low and he lands in Guida’s guard. Guida is controlling posture well but Mendes is landing occasional shots. Guida scrambles up and gets out of the front headlock as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Mendes.

Rd. 2- Guida tries a teep kick but misses. Accidental headbutt by both fighters but they’re fine. Hard legkick by Mendes. Guida tries a flying knee and the foot on the follow through lands on Mendes’ cup. Brief break now. Touch of gloves on the restart. Nice sprawl on the shot by Mendes and he takes Guida’s back. Guida works up and Mendes lands a nicely timed knee. Mendes with a shot of his own but he does not commit to it. Guida tries a shot but it is stuffed by Mendes and he lands a nasty uppercut. Guida with another shot that Mendes blocks and spins to the back. Mendes works back out to the front head position and lands some knees before Guida escapes. Guida is still stalking forward. Mendes fakes a shot and Guida sprawls and Mendes spins again to the back and lands some strikes before Guida escapes. Guida tries a jumping teep but eats a left by Mendes. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Mendes. (20-18)

Rd. 3- Mendes wastes no time to start the third round as he drops Guida with a nasty counter right hand. Mendes corners Guida and he lands a vicious hook followed by a nasty upper cut that catches Guida as he drops. Follow-up strikes and that is it.

Chad Mendes def. Clay Guida via TKO (strikes) at 0:30 of Round 3


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