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White: Globo Request, Not TRT, Why Belfort’s Fighting in Brazil

Vitor Belfort

Recently when it was announced that Vitor Belfort would fight once again in Brazil, marking the third time in a row he’s been booked to compete in his homeland, it didn’t go over too well with TRT critics. As you likely know, the argument is that there’s something iffy about Belfort fighting in Brazil since he’s cleared for TRT use there, but not the fight capital of Nevada. It’s a theory that Dana White has vehemently shot down several times.

Case in point, during last night’s post-fight media scrum White was predictably asked about the contentious issues, and once again, the promoter insisted nothing shady is going on (via MMA

“The second most important media that we’re in business with is Globo. Globo is very important…They had a big fight that’s going to be on Globo so they wanted f—in Vitor,” White said about the massive media company. “So, if they want Vitor, they’re going to get Vitor. They tell me they want, whoever they say they want, I’m going to try to make it happen.”

“Vitor Belfort is not cheating; Vitor Belfort is not not being tested, Vitor Belfort is not fighting in Brazil because he can get away with something down there; that’s ridiculous. First of all, we wouldn’t do that for anybody, anybody. We would never put together a situation where a fighter has an advantage over another fighter.”

White’s comments are in keeping with what Belfort recently said on “The MMA Hour”, as “The Phenom” argued that sales, rather than his TRT, is why he’s been fighting in Brazil again. It’s certainly an issue that’s just not going away…Belfort will fight Dan Henderson at UFC Fight night 32 on November 9th in Goias.

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