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Evans: Fighting Sonnen “Makes Sense”, “Definitely Could Happen”

Kelsey Mowatt

Rashad Evans

Although it remains to be seen whether the UFC backs Chael Sonnen’s recent challenge to Rashad Evans, it seems pretty clear “Suga” is up for the scrap. ¬†After Sonnen took to Twitter and asked Evans if he was free November 16th, the former-light-heavyweight champ said he was, before adding he thought the fight was a “good idea.”

In a more recent report from MMA, Evans has expanded on why he’s interested in the bout, which would go down at UFC 167. The 33 year-old was quoted saying about Sonnne’s proposal:

“I think it’s something that definitely could happen,” Evans relayed. “I think it’s the fight that makes sense for both of us. Even though we are friends and we have a great relationship, we have the same goal, and we’re in the same weight class.”

While Evans is coming off a split decision win over Sonnen’s former teammate Dan Henderson, he and Sonnen work together as UFC commentators for FOX. When asked if he might have difficulties fighting a friend (remember all the drama that unfolded between Evans and Jon Jones), the TUF winner stated:

“I think it’s a difficult question, because you never know how it’s going to be when you get in the cage with somebody,” Evans said. “But having had the experience of dealing with it before, I know how to emotionally handle it better than I did before.”

So, there you have it. Considering the UFC wants to put together a stacked card for its 20th anniversary, and Sonnen-Wand is apparently a no go, this fight could get booked.

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