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UFC 164: Poirier Defeats Koch

Eric Koch

UFC 164 kicked off in the featherweight division with an exciting pairing between Dustin Poirier and Eric Koch. The bout was expected to be an exciting and well-matched bout and it did not disappoint. In the end, Koch’s homecoming was spoiled by an excellent effort from Poirier.

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Poirier Edges Koch

Dustin Poirier made a Fedor-like mistake tonight in Milwaukee but managed to live to tell the tale after coming back to defeat Eric Koch. Poirier caught Koch early in the first but got over-aggressive in an effort to finish and ended up in a deep triangle by Koch. The Roufus protege would nearly finish Poirier but “Diamond” battled out and nearly scored a crazy finish in a crazy round.

Poirier would seize control in the second, but Koch bounced back in the third with a strong effort. Koch desperately sought to finish the bout in the closing seconds with a rear-naked choke but Poirier saved himself by tucking his chin.

Poirier improves to 2-2 in his last four while Koch is now 0-2 in his last two fights.


Rd. 1- No glove touch in this one. Poirier looking to establish leg kicks early. Body kick by Koch and Poirier connects with a nasty punch. Poirier drops Koch and swarms to finish but Koch recovers and sinks in a deep triangle. Poirier nearly gets mounted with it but works out and he is clearly tired after ending back up in Koch’s guard. Koch nearly catches him in a triangle choke again but Poirier backs out. Poirier seizes control in the clinch and lands come big shots. Massive punch by Poirier and Koch crashes in a heap to the canvas. Poirier is swarming to finish but somehow Koch has survived. Koch works up but then gets taken into side control. Crazy first round. Poirier sinks his signature D’arce choke and appeared close to a finish but has to give it up after Koch works out as the horn blows. What a round. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Poirier.

Rd. 2- Poirier is stalking his prey early here. Koch is starting to establish his jab now. Nice straight left by Poirier and he lands again to the body. Hip toss by Poirier off a quick clinch and Poirier has Koch’s back along the cage. Poirier moves for a neck crank and misses it but he ends up in full mount. Poirier briefly has an arm-triangle but he gives it up to strike instead. Koch finally works back up to his feet but Poirier is controlling in the clinch. Koch finally works off the cage but he is oddly circling into Poirier’s power hand and that could be an issue later. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Poirier (20-18)

Rd. 3- Third starts with Poirier again on the offensive and he is looking for a takedown on the cage now. Koch is landing some knees and then ends up with a takedown here. Duke Roufus is imploring his guy to go for it. Nice elbows by Koch here in Poirier’s guard. Koch takes Poirier’s back as the bottom man tries to escape and Koch goes for the choke but misses it. Poirier is trying to shake Koch off and nearly catches the head but Koch arches out. Koch locks up a body triangle and Koch locks up the choke multiple times but Poirier keeps his chin tucked as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has the round 10-9 Koch, but the fight for Poirier (29-28).

Dustin Poirier def. Eric Koch via unanimous decision (29-28,29-27,29-27)


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