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Browne Responds to Rothwell’s Call Out

Kelsey Mowatt

Travis Browne

Ben Rothwell had a big night at UFC 164, as the massive heavyweight got back on the winning track by stopping Brandon Vera in memorable fashion. In addition, Rothwell gave fans and pundits pause for thought by calling out Travis “Hapa” Browne, who as you likely know, has been doing not too shabby as of late.

After the Milwaukee card, Rothwell was predictably asked to expand on why he wants to fight Browne, and here’s what the 31 year-old had to say (comments via MMA

“I just think it would be a great fight,” Rothwell said. “I know he’s up there in the rankings right now. The UFC probably has big plans for him. But maybe they need him to have another tough fight for first (before a title shot), and I think it’d give him a good fight for the fans.”

Thanks to the wonder of social media and Twitter, it didn’t take long for Browne to respond to Rothwell’s proposal. Although Rothwell relayed to “Hapa” via a tweet that his call out stems from respect for the rising heavyweight, Browne clearly isn’t a fan of the idea.

LOL @rothwellfighter had your chance a yr ago but you magically sprained your little toe and now you want to be given something I’ve earned.

Ok @RothwellFighter if it was about respect then you would work yourway up the ladder andearn the shots I’ve earned notask for them w/themic

While a Browne-Rothwell fight has the potential to be a pretty entertaining fight, really, it’s not surprising to hear Browne’s not interested. Thanks to his win over Alistair Overeem, Browne’s currently ranked #5 in the heavyweight division while Rothwell’s not in the top ten. In other words, Browne would have plenty to lose and not much to gain in that fight.

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