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UFC’s Bagautinov Has One Goal: Winning Flyweight Title

Ali Bagautinov

Ali Bagautinov announced his presence in the UFC flyweight division in memorable fashion at UFC FN 28 this week, as the surging fighter not only defeated Marcus Vinicius, but he did so by stopping the Brazilian in the third round. In other words, it was nice way to show fans why the sambo fighter carries the nickname “Puncher.”

So, now that the Russian vet has shown why he had some hype behind him heading into his Octagon debut, it will be interesting to see who the UFC matches Bagautinov up against next. While speaking to MMA recently, here’s what the 28 year-old had to say about his next opponent.

“I don’t care who I’m fighting, I don’t care where I’m fighting,” Bagautinov sad. “I just have one goal in the UFC, and that is winning the championship belt. It’s pretty simple.”

Fair enough. With the win over Vinicius, Bagautinov extended his win streak to nine, but the September 4th bout did feature some moments where the vet was on the defensive. It looked like Bagautinov might finish the bout early, as he floored Vinicius early on, but the flyweight recovered and battled back.

“Initial plans were to finish him off in the first round,”  Bagautinov said. “It didn’t go according to plans because I only started warming out in the second round and what I originally planned for the first round only started in the second one. But overall I’m happy, of course. It’s my UFC debut and I won by knockout, that’s as good as it gets.”

It was definitely a nice way for the Russian to break into the UFC; no question. If you’re wondering, 9 of Bagautinov’s 11 wins have come via stoppage or submission. Both of his defeats were via decision.

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