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UFN 28: Martins Regained Nearly 30 Pounds for Fight

Kelsey Mowatt

Lucas Martins

Lucas Martins prompted his fair share of double takes when he announced he was moving from lightweight to bantamweight earlier this year. Yes, that’s right, despite the fact he KO’d Jeremy Larsen at UFC on FX 8 in May, Martins decided to really give this weight cutting thing a try, and skipped past featherweight down to 135.

While the move might have caused some people to question how he would perform at UFC FN 28, “Mineiro” certainly didn’t show any ill effects of the cut, as he stormed through Ramiro Hernandez for the first round, choke out win. Now if that wasn’t interesting enough, check out what Martins relayed to MMA about the bout, and what he actually weighed on fight night.

“I lost a lot of weight, but I weighed 163 pounds at the fight,” Martins said. “When I started training MMA, ‘Macaco’ (Jorge Patino) was already fighting for a long time and he knows how to do it. When I woke up on Wednesday after the weigh-ins and I saw I was at 163 I was like ‘wow’.”

“I believe my hands are the heaviest of this division and will drop a lot of people,” the 24 year-old said. “The weight cut was tougher than the fight itself. The feeling I had when I made weight was unique. I suffered a lot, but my team was there all the time with me and family did the diet with me as well for two and a half months.”

Now granted, some might question how Martins would have looked provided the bout had lasted into the second or third round, but he could be a force at bantamweight. The only man to defeat Martins to date is lightweight Edson Barboza, who in case you’re wondering, has gone 6-1 in the Octagon thus far.

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