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Bellator 98 Play-by-Play

Perry Filkins

MMAFrenzy’s coverage of Bellator 98 continues with our play-by-play of tonight’s Spike TV main card. Be sure to tune in as we bring you up-to-date coverage of tonight’s action at the Mohegan Sun Casino starting at 8PM ET. Make sure to refresh often for the latest from tonight’s action.

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Bellator 98 Play-by-Play:

Derek Anderson vs. Patricky Pitbull

Rd. 1- Not a lot of action early as Pitbull is loading up and Anderson is looking to jab on the outside. Combination by Anderson but he just oddly stops. Anderson taunts Pitbull and Freire takes him down and almost immediately gains full mount. Pitbull goes for an armbar and transitions into a triangle with over a minute left. After a bit of adjustment Pitbull seems to have it but Anderson slams and Pitbull tries to switch to the armbar and misses it. Freire escapes with a minute left. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Freire.

Rd. 2- Pitbull almost immediately goes for the takedown and gets it briefly, but Anderson escapes after eating some punches. Pair of big lefts by Patricky. Nice head to body combo by Anderson. Fighters are slowing and just exchanging occasional power blows. Very little head movement by Freire so far. Pitbull blocks a head kick and tries a takedown but cannot get it. Hard right by Anderson lands. Pitbull looks like he is gassing here. Anderson hurts Pitbull with a powerful combo and Freire rotates off the cage. Anderson backs him up again and lands a hard right as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it split after two 19-19.

Rd. 3- Fight quickly falls into the same routine from round one. Anderson landing occasional combos while Pitbull looks for power. Pitbull is bleeding from the mouth now. Weak wheel kick lands from Anderson. Freire tries a takedown and just gets thrown off. Anderson is just picking Pitbull apart now. Hard left-right combo briefly stuns Pitbull. Freire tries a desperate body lock to an inside trip but does not have the drive to finish it as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Anderson (29-28).

Derek Anderson def. Patricky “Pitbull” Freire via unanimous decision (29-28,29-28,29-28)

Middleweight Tournament Opening Round: Jeremy Kimball vs. Perry Filkins

Rd. 1- Kimball opening up the action with legkicks and punches. Spinning back kick by Kimball. Combo by Kimball. Kimball is for more active so far but Filkins is blocking most of the sots. Big looping left by Filkins. Flying knee by Kimball and a followup combo is mostly blocked. Kick to the knee by Filkins and Kimball confuses him with a nice takedown. Filkins is back up quick though. Kimball feints a punch and lands a takedown. Filkins gives up his back to stand and he is out. Kimball’s movement is really frustrating Filkins so far. Filkins is loading up badly. Takedown by Kimball and he lands a knee as Filkins stands. Filkins lands a big punch but is taken down as the round ends and he throws a punch that connects after the bell. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Kimball.

Rd. 2- Body kick by Kimball and he lands a nice switch kick. Kimball catches a kick and Filkins keeps grabbing the cage. Filkins reverses a Kimball takedown attempt and he ends up in top. Filkins is not doing much on top other that shoulder strikes. Kimball reverses Filkins as he tries to pass and lands some big knees to the body and thigh before Filkins hits a switch. Kimball jumps a guillotine and Filkins pauses before he slams him. Filkins tries to stand and pass but nearly gets reversed before ending up back in Kimball’s guard. Filkins stands and lands a big punch and he tries a jumping spinning punch but gets stopped by a kick to the hip and Kimball is back up. Kimball slips on a takedown and Filkins takes his back and tries to land big shots as the round ends but nearly all are blocked. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Filkins (19-19).

Rd. 3- Kimball is looking like his first round self now as he is landing his unorthodox strikes as Filkins just loads up and tries to land. Kimball is landing but gets caught by a power shot from Filkins and he manages to recover. Kimball looks at the clock and tries a takedown but gets reversed when he does not commit to it. Filkins isn’t doing much on top other than looking to pass but he gets side control with Kimball goes for a leglock. Kimball gives up his back to escape but Filkins sinks the hooks in. Filkins looking for the choke and he barely has it when Kimball taps. Ugly end.

Perry Filkins def. Jeremy Kimball via submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:18 of Round 3

Middleweight Tournament Opening Round: Justin Torrey vs. Brennan Ward

Rd. 1- Ward with hard strikes early and Torrey goes for a takedown. Absolutely gorgeous head-and-arm throw that would have been worth 5-points in wrestling. Torrey recovers guard but Ward postures up and starts landing some hard shots before Torrey ties him up. Ward rolls for the heelhook and misses it. Torrey in Ward’s guard now and he is looking to posture up and land. Torrey’s left is eye is already swollen shut. Body to head combo by Torrey. Ward looks for a submission but Torrey passes it to side control. Knees to the body by Torrey. Ward throws knees of his own but they’re nearly illegal and he stops. Torrey is looking for a keylock but electing to land more knees instead. Torrey takes the mount with 0:20 left. Big shots from Torrey as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Torrey.

Rd. 2- Torrey’s eye is shut but the doctor is allowing him to continue. Front kick to the face by Torrey and he has a little more urgency in the clinch. Ward uses a hip toss to throw Torrey. Ward is targeting the eye and he hooks the head in an attempt to pass. Torrey recovers guard. Ward tries to slam out of closed guard and finally gets free. Ward pops the mouse under the eye of Torrey and there is a ton of blood now. His face is terrible. Huge right by Ward as he is keying on the eye. Driving takedown by Ward and he uses small hammerfists to open up the eye further and then he postures up and lands big shots to end the fight. Torrey’s face looks horrendous.

Brennan Ward def. Justin Torrey via TKO (strikes) at 3:28 of Round 2

Middleweight Tournament Opening Round: Jason Butcher vs. Giva Santana

Rd. 1- Butcher being aggressive early but he gets takendown and Giva has side control. Santana using north-south to isolate an arm but Butcher recovers half guard. Butcher tries to lock up a kimura but gets passed again into side control and he is forced to give it up. Santana now landing some knees to the body and head. Absolutely beautiful pass into full mount by Santana and he postures up for strikes. Arm-triangle by Santana and he is looking to finish. Santana gives it up and tries for the arm but gets reversed. Butcher tries for a shoulder lock as the round ends but it isn’t there. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Santana.

Rd. 2- Butcher trying to strike now but Santana is ok with it.Santana misses a takedown attempt. Butcher connects on a counter shot as Santana ducks in and Giva careens to the cage. Butcher swarms and that is it.

Jason Butcher def. Giva Santana via TKO (strikes) at 1:12 of Round 2

Middleweight Tournament Opening Round: Brian Rogers vs. Mikkel Parlo

Rd. 1- No touch of gloves and we’re off. Rogers connects on a big leg kick that drops Parlo but he cannot follow up after he trips. Rogers swarms but gets dropped by a shot from Parlo but manages to recover. Rogers circles back out the center after collecting his wits. Big combo by Rogers but Parlo escapes severe damage. Massive left hand by Rogers and Parlo shoots in to survive. Fighters stand and immediately trade like mad men. Rogers backs out and resets his offense. Parlo with a nice shot but he eats a big 1-2. Rogers slips but he back up. Parlo’s kick is caught and eats a big strike. Rogers eats a big shot from Parlo but gives one back. Rogers with a nice combo of his own. Parlo swarms with good dirty boxing and he lands well. Parlo tries a takedown but gets reverses. Parlo lands a counter straight as Rogers is starting to slow. Big knee by Parlo to end the round. MMAFrenzy has the close round for Parlo 10-9.

Rd. 2- Fighters immediately go back to work in the second and Parlo lands a big knee. Big combo from Rogers now. Parlo rocks Rogers twice before Rogers tries a poor head-and-arm throw and falls to the canvas. Parlo is working well in half guard but looking to pass. Parlo passes to mount. More shots from Parlo now and Rogers recovers halfguard but he cannot escape. Rogers gets back to guard but eats some big shots in the process. Parlo lands an elbow and is immediately warned not to land any more. Parlo is now battering the body with punches and a knee. More knees to the ribs by Parlo. More strikes by Parlo as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-8 Parlo (20-17).

Rd. 3- Big combos by Parlo to start the round but Rogers fights back with a jump knee. Parlo scores an outside trip takedown and he is landing big shots after the takedown. Big shots by Parlo now. Rogers attacks with a leglock but just uses it to sand. Parlo clinches and starts landing knees to the thigh of Rogers. Rogers lands a big shot but Parlo immediately clinches and then lands a double leg. Massive shots by Parlo now. Devastating attack by Parlo now as he stands and lands brutal shots with a big knee to the body. More shots to the head and Rogers stands to eat a massive knee that causes him to fall awkwardly and he eats several unnecessary blows before the final bell sounds. MMAFrenzy has it 10-7 Parlo and the fight (30-24).

Mikkel Parlo def. Brian Rogers via unanimous decision (30-27,30-26,30-26)

Bellator Middleweight Title Fight: Alexander “Storm” Shlemenko (c) vs. Brett Cooper

Rd. 1- Touch of gloves and we’re off. Storm catches a kick and trips Cooper but allows him to stand. Combo by Shlemenko is mostly blocked. Cooper keeps getting backed up by Storm’s hard combinations. Cooper with a nice combo but Shlemenko shrugs it off. Cooper tries a kick and gets rocked by a spinning backlist but he recovers. Another hard combo by Storm is mostly blocked. Cooper tries a takedown but it is stuffed. Storms feints his spinning attacks and a nice combo. Storm tries to swarm and gets wobbled by a left from Cooper. Cooper tries to follow up but Shlemenko survives and lands a few more combos in the round. MMAFrenzy has it 10-10 as Shlemenko’s volume equaled Cooper’s one moment.

Rd. 2- Cooper is swarmed by Shlemenko to start the round but he survives the rush. Nice counter right by Cooper. Cooper keeps waving Shlemenko on as he is looking to counter. Shlemenko is now bloodied but he is landing big shots before Cooper lands the takedown but he cannot do anything with it as Shlemenko stands. Shlemenko with another combination but Cooper keeps attacking. Nice left by Storm is answered by one from Cooper. Shlemenko stuffs a takedown attempt and he lands a big overhand right and a partial head kick. Cooper tags Shlemenko now and he is looking to finish but Storm survives. Big takedown by Cooper as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Cooper.

Rd. 3- Doctor checked a cut over Shlemenko’s eye between rounds. Cooper gets tagged while changing levels but recovers. Big combo by Shlemenko and he lands a few more before Cooper answers. Inside left by Shlemenko on the entrance. Cooper brings a nice combo and Shlemenko waves him on. Cooper throws a hard right that is firmly blocked and Cooper shakes out his hand. Two nasty lefts by Shlemenko land. Cooper drops to a single but Shlemenko defends well. Wild combos by Cooper now and Shlemenko blocks and answers. Cooper goes for another single leg and then a double that takes the Russian down. Storm gives up his back to escape and he is out.Body strike and a big right hook by Shlemenko. Big elbow by Storm as teh round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Shlemenko (29-29)

Rd. 4- Storm immediately attacks and he crushes Cooper with a massive shot. Big punches by Cooper and he somehow survives but he still wobbled. Big right by Storm now and Cooper’s nose is busted up now. Another big right by Storm. Storm catches the leg of Cooper and he uses it to set up a big knee to the body. Takedown attempt by Cooper is stuffed. Cooper lands a nice uppercut but Shlemenko waves him on. Massive left by Storm and a big right by him as well. Series of big lefts by Storm hurt Cooper but his wild shots force the Russian to play it smart. More big shots by Shlemenko and he lands a spinning back  kick right as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Shlemenko (39-38).

Rd. 5- Both fighters are tired to start round 5 and the fighters touch gloves to start the round. More big strikes by Storm as Cooper tries to counter. Cooper in on a single and the Russian stops it. Same thing again and we’re centered. Power left by the Russian. Big knee to the body by Shlemenko. Shlemenko catches a kick and uses it to throw Cooper to the cage and land a big hook. Body kicks by Shlemenko now and Cooper again tries a takedown .Nasty straight left to right by Storm and Cooper lands an uppercut. 2-minutes left now. Body lock takedown by Shlemenko into side control and Cooper works back up. Big combos by Shlemenko and he just misses a head kick. Cooper waves in Storm and he obliges with a body lock takedown. Storm lets him back up with 0:50 left. Driving double by Storm with 0:30 left. Big, but tired, ground and pound by Storm. Big shots as the round ends. Great fight. Wow. MMAFrenzy has it (49-47) Shlemenko.

Alexander Shlemenko def. Brett Cooper via unanimous decision (48-47,48-47,48-47)


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