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Glover Teixeira Will Fight “Top Contender” if Needed

Glover Teixeira

Glover Teixeira locked up a title shot at UFC FN 28 with his stoppage win over Ryan Bader, but as history has shown us (and not long ago at UFC 162), just because you’re next in line for a championship fight doesn’t mean it will happen.

Of course, most people are expecting champion Jones to defeat Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 on September 21st, despite “The Mauler’s” impressive run. So what if Gustafsson shocks the MMA world by winning the title? While speaking recently with MMA Radio, here’s what Teixeira had to say about his immediate future and his title shot plans.

“I want to stay busy,” Teixeira said. “I want to fight [Jones]. He’s the bigger name, and he’s been champion for a while. If Gustafsson beats this guy, I’ll be happy for him, too, as long as I get to fight him. Or if they have a rematch, I’d like to fight some top contender and keep myself busy. I’m healthy, and I can’t be losing time.”

So rather than stay on the sidelines for months on end, if Jones-Gustafsson II were to materialize, Teixeira would be willing to risk his title shot.¬†Interesting no? And likely the kind of thing most fans and the UFC brass likes to hear. Now does those mean Teixeira thinks Gustafsson’s going to take it?

“I believe Jon is going to win this fight,” Teixeira said. “I hope he wins. I think he’s going to win on the ground. I believe Gustafsson’s a great standup fighter, and I think Jon is smart enough and a better wrestler to take him down and beat him on the ground. I don’t know how.”

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