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UFC Working on Better Glove Design

UFC Working on Better Glove Design

The UFC is currently working on a new MMA glove that will help mitigate the amount of eye-pokes in MMA. The UFC’s VP of Regulatory Affairs, Marc Ratner, went on UFC Tonight on FOX Sports 1 to discuss the issue and possible solution last night.

Said Ratner:

“We’re working with a glove manufacturer to make a glove that is a little more curved, so hopefully that will make it tougher for someone to stick a finger in an eye. Also, the ref can’t do anything more than say, ‘Can you see?’ to the fighter after he gets poked in the eye. If he says he can’t see, the ref has to stop the fight. We want the ref to not ask the question, but to let a doctor come out, examine the fighter and make the decision, which will take two to three minutes and give the eye some time to clear up and the fighter could get to continue the fight.”

While a glove will not fix every facet of the current issue, the change in procedure in addition to the change of gloves could help the problem. While nothing is official yet, the UFC’s effort to help the situation is a step in the right direction for one of the most frustrating parts of MMA.


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