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WSOF 5: Arlovski “Sick” of Questions About his Chin

Kelsey Mowatt

Andrei Arlovski

Heading into Saturday’s WSOF 5 card in Atlantic City, Andrei Arlovski has repeated he intends to become a world champion again and is hoping to return to the UFC. While the former heavyweight champ is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Anthony Johnson at WSOF 2 in March, Arlovski has gone 3-1, with 1 no contest, in his last five fights.  In other words, “The Pit Bull” has been turning things around right?

Well, although Arlovski has rebounded from the four fight losing streak he incurred a little while back, since three of those defeats came via stoppage, the fighter can’t shake the narrative that he has a questionable chin. As the 34 year-old gets set to fight  Mike Kyle this Saturday, questions regarding Arlovski’s chin have resurfaced, and the heavyweight is clearly pretty tired of it (comments via MMA

“It’s f–ked,” Arlovski said. “I’m really getting f–king sick of all these comments about my chin. I broke my jaw in two f–king places and f–king Anthony Johnson couldn’t f–king knock me out. So if you’re going to talk to Mike Kyle, you can just tell him to shut his f–king mouth and be ready for the f–king fight. That’s it. Period.”

“It kind of pisses me off. I don’t read those comments like I used to read those comments. I showed my chin was fine when I fought Tim Sylvia in the Philippines, when our fight was a no contest. He landed a good straight right hand at the end of the first round and I was fine. I survived and knocked him out. Those people say [I don’t] have a good chin, now this guy? It’s okay. Just fine. To be honest with you, I don’t know what to say in a nice way. It’s one of those bad spots in my mind.”

Regardless of whether you believe Arlovski’s demonstrated his chin is just fine, if he gets stopped this weekend by Kyle, questions regarding his future will likely reach a new level.

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