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Penn Asked For Henderson as Way to Get Edgar

BJ Penn

The MMA world is still buzzing with the news that not only is BJ Penn going to fight Frankie Edgar for a third time next year, but that he’ll do so at featherweight. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when Dana White relayed it might be time for “The Prodigy” to retire, following his one sided losses to Nick Diaz and Rory MacDonald. Then, more recently, it was reported Penn was considering a return at lightweight, not 145.

While Penn’s decision to drop to featherweight has surprised more than a few people, White also revealed on “UFC Tonight” Tuesday,  that initially, the decorated fighter asked to fight Benson Henderson.

 “We were trying to do Urijah Faber vs. Frankie Edgar, but Edgar didn’t want to go to 135 and Faber didn’t want to move to 145. I don’t like to do fights at a catch weight. Then out of the blue BJ texted me and said he wants to fight Benson Henderson. I said ‘Why?’ He said: ‘I think if I beat Ben, then you’ll give me a fight vs. Frankie Edger.’ He said that’s all he wants. ‘I want to move to 145, beat Frankie, and fight for that title.’ He says that he’s been training and taken the time off. When BJ gets fired up, he goes crazy and he fires me up. He wants this worse than anything and to fight at 145. It’s tough to say no to BJ. He just did a new deal with the UFC, so maybe if he wins this, then fights Ben, then fights for a title.”

First Henderson? And then Edgar huh? Penn certainly isn’t afraid to throw down with the world’s best is he? It’s going to be fascinating to see how he looks at 145 and if he can in fact defeat Edgar on his third attempt.

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