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WSOF’s Mutapcic Had Additional Drug Test, “I Don’t Want to be Discredited”

Elvis Mutapcic

In one of the more bizarre incidents tied to a big stage MMA event in recent memory, Elvis Mutapcic did not battle Jesse Taylor in the semifinals of WSOF’s middleweight tourney last night in Atlantic City, as the athletic commission pulled him from the card shortly before his fight. The reason being? A commission representative reportedly believed Mutapcic may have taken some sort of prescription drug that hadn’t been cleared by officials…Now that’s not something you hear very often.

Not surprisingly, Mutapcic denied taking anything, but the commission maintains it was following protocol, and could not allow the middleweight to compete. The WSOF sent out a press release which featured quotes from the fighter, New Jersey officials and the promotion’s president Ray Sefo, which included Mutpacic stating “I’m completely clean.”

Now, according to a follow up report by MMA, Mutapcic did have a drug test administered at a local hospital after he was pulled from the card, and the tests came back negative for any “typically banned” substance. The fighter did concede that his manager (who was also his cornerman), should have been informed about the various rules regarding undisclosed medication. Here’s some of what the 27 year-old had to say about the unfortunate situation.

“Right after they told us we couldn’t fight, I said I’d take another drug test from (the commission). And they said, ‘Oh, we don’t have any drug tests, but we won’t suspend you.’ So I wanted to go out of my way to clear my name and prove I never took anything. I’m a hard-working fighter who works his ass off, and I don’t want to be discredited.”

“I made the mistake of having my manager in the corner and him not being aware of all the rules of something like that,” Mutapcic said. “That’s on me. But they never asked me if I took anything. She then changed her story later on. She said he, as in my manager, took it. She went back and forth changing her story. I felt disrespected by the New Jersey athletic commission because no one once asked me if I took anything. It’s one of those things that’s really hard to understand. We worked our ass off for eight or 10 weeks, and right before we go in the cage we get pulled off.”

What a mess. Hopefully everything works out and Mutapcic and Taylor can battle at WSOF 6, which takes place October 26th.

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