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Dana White on Setanta Sports; Confirms Some Rumors, Dispells Others

Dana White Press Conference

This morning UFC President Dana White appeared on Setanta Sports, to promote tomorrow’s UFC 95, as well as talk about some of the recent announcements coming out of the UFC and some of the upcoming events. You can follow the above link to the Setanta site to view the full video, but some of the key quotes, and points made were:

  • “There isn’t a place on earth that I couldn’t get a fighter from, that’s how popular (MMA) is getting right now”
  • “Within the next ten years this will be the biggest sport in the world; bigger than American Football, bigger than soccer, bigger than anything.”
  • UFC 100 will include GSP vs. Alves
  • All five belts will not be on the line at UFC 100 (thankfully), but there will be three major fights on the card.
  • Bisping vs. Henderson is on tap for UFC 100, with a title shot to take place in the UK on the line.
  • There will be another title on the line at UFC 100. (Expected to be Rashad Evans vs. Jackson/Machida)
  • BJ Penn vs. Kenny Florian is likely for UFC 99 in Germany.
  • The UFC is in talks to get CroCop on the Germany card.
  • Wanderlei Silva is likely for the Germany card (as rumored) but nothing is official yet.
  • Lesnar vs. Mir 2 is definitely planned for May.
  • Machida’s wait for a title shot will end “this summer”.
  • A WEC card in the UK is likely in the future.
  • “We’re going into Germany, we’re going into France, we’re going to Dubai, we’re taking this thing to all these different countries and its happening very quickly. We’re in 175 different countries right now on television.”
  • The UFC is still pursuing Fedor, but whether he will ever fight for them is up to Fedor.


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