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UFC 165: Ontario AC Releases Scorecards

Jon jones

In the wake of what has been a divisive (48-47,48-47,49-46) unanimous decision for UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones at UFC 165, the Office of the Athletics Commissioner of Ontario has released the score cards for Saturday’s main event war of attrition between Jones and Alexander Gustafsson.

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Unsurprisingly, the judges were only in unanimous agreement on round one for Gustafsson and rounds four and five for Jones. Rounds two and three were exceptionally close with judges Richard Bertrand and Doug Crosby alternating rounds for Jones and Gustafsson. Judge Chris Lee scored both the second and third rounds for Jones for the cards’ only 49-46 fight card.

Despite the close decision, the two men were respectful of each other following the narrow decision. The UFC’s official stat keeper – FightMetric – depicted the close nature of the bout with a final score of 49-48, with rounds two and three deemed a 10-10 draw. 10-10 rounds, though rare, are possible under the Unified Rules of MMA.

While there will always be a debate about the final tally a rematch, at some point, is inevitable with the bouts decision being both close and exciting.


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