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Jackson: Not “Shocked at All” by Jones-Gustafsson

Kelsey Mowatt

Jon jones

There certainly were people who thought Alexander Gustafsson might give Jon Jones a few problems at UFC 165, and there may have even been a few who truly believed “The Mauler” would take the light-heavyweight belt, but the general consensus was that “Bones” would probably cruise to victory. As we all know now, not only did Gustafsson inflict more punishment on Jones than anyone else has in the Octagon to date, he nearly won.

So, was Jones’ head coach Greg Jackson surprised by what went down Saturday in Toronto? Considering Jones has emerged from most fights with barely a scratch and has demolished several former champions? While speaking to MMA, the renowned trainer stated:

“Just because I’ve been in the corner so many, so many times, I’ve seen it happen where everybody says there’s no way this guy is going to win, there’s no way, and then he goes in there and gives a great battle and makes it a great competitive fight,” Jackson said. “So, I wasn’t shocked at all. I know Alexander’s great, I’ve studied him a lot. It wasn’t like terribly shocking. “

That’s a good way of looking at any fight, as once you start to take things for granted, things can go south in a hurry. Jackson was also asked if the difficulties Jones was having with his foot early on, may have reduced his ability to finish takedowns:

“We could play that game, maybe, maybe not, but I think that Gustafsson just came in had a great plan and executed it really well and I think the credit should really go to him,” he said. “I think he was just able to shut down those takedowns. We need to be better and evolve our set-ups to be better fighters. But I think the credit should go to Alex.”

There’s no question that Gustafsson’s stock is through the roof, and it will be interesting to see what approach both fighters take in the rematch, if and when it happens.

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