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Trigg’s Opponent Danny Babcock Fought With Serious Infection

Danny Babcock

Danny Babcock

Last Saturday, in the headlining bout of XFC’s “Rumble in Racetown” in Daytona, Florida, veteran Frank Trigg topped local Danny Babcock by unanimous decision. We now learn, from Florida Today, that Babcock was suffering from a potentially deadly MRSA infection that wasn’t detected until after the fight.

From the report:

But after many inside kicks from Trigg and three five-minute rounds of cage fighting, Babcock’s knee swelled to the point that the same physician team that performed prefight inspections advised him to go the emergency room. After hospital staff took a sample for culture and gave him intravenous antibiotics, Babcock was released from the ER the same night without a conclusion. As the knee continued to swell, Babcock’s trainer, Marco Slayne, took him to see his personal doctor in Fort Pierce, Fla., the next day.

“She was appropriately horrified (at the sight of his knee) and sent him to the emergency room,” Slayne said.

Babcock, 26, was diagnosed with MRSA and is recovering at a hospital in Fort Pierce with intravenous fluids and antibiotics.

“In all honesty, if I thought it was MRSA, I never would have let him fight. It’s not fair to the other fighter.”

When asked from his hospital room what he was thinking on fight night, Babcock said: “Just to go out there and have a good fight. I wanted to make sure I didn’t go out there and get slaughtered because I knew how bad I was. I was so sick, I just went out there and did what I had to do.”

Slayne said they will contact everyone who came in contact with Babcock, including Trigg.

“If one more of my members comes up with it, I would close my gym for a month, just to try to stop it in its tracks,” Slayne said.

“It’s a byproduct of what we do,” he said the night of the fight.


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