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White: Injury Plagued 2012 Proved “Staying Power” of UFC

Dana White

Most fans would likely agree that 2013 has been a pretty fantastic year for the UFC in terms of big fights, and the final three months will feature plenty more. It’s been quite the turn around for the promotion in comparison to 2012, when injuries wreaked havoc on the UFC’s schedule (most infamously with UFC 151). Sure, there have been plenty of change-ups this year due to fighter’s getting hurt (see UFC 161), but considering how many cards the UFC’s done this year, things have gone rather smoothly.

Recently UFC boss man Dana White talked about the promotion’s 2013 campaign, and the chaotic 2012, while speaking to media in Las Vegas (comments via MMA

“This year has been great for us, coming off the worst year we’ve ever had,” White said. “I’m glad (2012) happened. I’m glad we went through that last year. Because if you would’ve told me before that was possible, I’d have said that’s impossible. You’re crazy – there’s no way that many people can get hurt consecutively.”

“How about Calgary? An entire card got wiped out, and then half the second card got wiped out,” White said while referring to UFC 149 last July. “I just would have never believed that could happen. Now I know it can happen, I know it is possible, and if there was ever a testament to all the naysayers about the validity of the UFC as a sport and the fact we have staying power, that year proved it.”

2012 certainly was filled with plenty of discussions as to whether the UFC had plateaued, or if the promotion should take steps to limit the amount of injuries occurring in training camps. Now with Weidman-Silva II, Velasque-dos Santos III and GSP-Hendricks right around the corner, among many other great fights, much of the focus seems to be on the action itself.

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