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The Ultimate Fighter 18 – Episode 5 Recap

Louis Fisette

The Ulimate Fighter 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate continued tonight on FOX Sports 1. This season features 16 men and 16 women bantamweights battling together in The Ultimate Fighter house for the first time in the show’s history. Tune in each week as the fighters, coached by UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and rival Miesha Tate, vie for a six-figure UFC contract on FOX Sports 1. [Spoilers Below]

Tonight’s episode kicks off on the heels of last week’s fight, with combatants Roxanne Modafferi and Jessica Rakoczy sharing a moment together back at the house. Modafferi’s endearing personality and standing as a WMMA veteran made her loss particuarly tough for the fellow veterans in the house.

Back at the house, Grant and Fisette talk about their pending matchup and it is clear neither fighter has ill will for the other. The UFC cameras track down Team Tate’s Raquel Pennington, who is having a hard time as she talks about being an openly gay fighter in sports. The Invicta FC veteran talks about how little support she had in fighting due to coming out and this includes members of her family.

After a lighter moment with a game of “Truth or Dare,” cameras take us to Fisette’s training session with Team Tate and he admits that he relishes the role of underdog since he wants to prove people wrong. Fisette admits that he lost his job in order to chase his UFC dreams.

Back at the house, Gutierrez is enjoying eating despite weighing 150-pounds with Team Tate’s Cody Bollinger admitting he can still make the weight while the camera sees him weighing 157-pounds. David Grant talks about how tough it is to make weight in the house when you have to do it on short notice. Meanwhile, opponent Louis Fisette talks about having an easier time keeping his weight down since rejoining the show.

At the Team Rousey practice, Rousey’s mother, former World Judo Champion Dr. Ann Maria DeMars, comes in to watch the practices. Rousey’s intensity is clearly inherited as Dr. Maria is even more intense she observes practice and offers her advice to the training fighters. Rousey admits that while her mother drove her crazy growing up that she realized her mother was trying to help her succeed by making her face adversity.

Back at the house, Team Tate’s Chris Holdsworth gives Fisette some advice that his former foe appreciates. Rousey shows up with her mother to give fighter David Grant some support while delivering ice cream to the house. Grant appreciates the advice from Dr. DeMars and also enjoys talking with her about his children back home.

Prior to weigh-ins, Miesha Tate and her coaches don Groucho Marx glasses and try to prank Team Rousey by mocking coach Edmund Tarverdyan’s appearance with a doll of “The Count” from Sesame Street and coupon for eyebrow waxing. Shayna Baszler finds it first and shows it to Rousey. While Rousey’s mother tells the team she’s sure they can come up with something better, Rousey puts an end to it by stating UFC president Dana White told her not to retaliate to Team Tate on last week’s show. The camera shows Rousey looking to blow it off as Tarverdyan heads into the gym.

Both fighters make weight without issue, and both coaches seem confident in their fighters.

David Grant (Team Rousey) vs. Louis Fisette (Team Tate)

  1. Kim Winslow is our referee tonight and we get started after a touch of gloves. Big leg kick from Grant opens the action. Grant hurts Fisette with a solid flurry and takes control against the cage. Fisette reverses positions and tries a takedown before Grant works out and lands another flurry. Fisette jumps at Grant and is taken down awkwardly. Grant goes to work in Fisette’s guard with some measured hard shots that open up a cut on Fisette. Grant ties to use a can-opener to pass but he doesn’t get it. Grant then ends up with side control after fending off a leglock. Armbar attempt from the back by Grant but he misses the head. Fisette gets reversed after again getting too wild. Grant is landing big shots before switching to a D’arce late. Fisette is saved by the bell and is a mess as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Grant.
  2. Doctors took a long look at Fisette between rounds. Fisette tries a shot off the start of the round but is scoop slammed into side control by Grant. Big knee to the body by Grant and he takes Fisette’s back. Rear-naked choke by Grant and it is deep as he switches from Gable grip to a traditional finish. Fisette has to tap and that’s a wrap.

David Grant def. Louis Fisette via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 2

Fight Selection:

Great show of sportsmanship by Fisette as he carries the man who defeated him around the cage. With the victory by Grant, Team Tate has the choice for next week’s fight. Next week’s fight will see Team Rousey’s Jessamyn Duke take on Team Tate’s Raquel Pennington.

Opening Round:

Team Rousey


  1. Shayna Baszler (lost to Pena)
  2. Jessamyn Duke
  3. Peggy Morgan
  4. Jessica Rakoczy def. Roxanne Modaffieri


  1. Chris Beal (lost to Holdsworth)
  2. David Grant def. Louis Fisette
  3. Anthony Gutierrez
  4. Michael Wootten

Team Tate


  1. Julianna Pena def. Shayna Baszler 
  2. Sarah Moras
  3. Raquel Pennington
  4. Roxanne Modafferi (lost to Rakoczy)


  1. Cody Bollinger
  2. Chris Holdsworth def. Chris Beal
  3. Josh Hill
  4. Tim Gorman (injured in Ep. 2)
  5. Louis Fisette (replaced Gorman) (lost to Grant)

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