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Gracie Responds to White Regarding Comeback Comments

Renzo Gracie

Renzo Gracie has been saying he wants to fight again for sometime now, and more recently, UFC boss man Dana White  was asked about the renowned fighter’s aspirations. After all, the last promotion the 46 year-old fought for was the UFC, as Gracie was stopped by Matt Hughes at UFC 112 in 2010.

White, who has never been shy about questioning if a fighter should retire, made headlines by stating:

“I have to ask Renzo Gracie why,” White said recently. “Renzo, you’ve been around forever, you’ve accomplished so many things. You have the respect of the entire combat world in every country. I just don’t know why he wants to come back at his age and fight again.”

Now, in a follow up report from MMA, Gracie responded to White’s inquiry with the following comments:

“For having nothing to prove nor nothing to gain,” the decorated BJJ instructor said . “To fight for what it is without reason, without greed, just for the passion to step once again in the arena and be an inspiration for a future generation of great fighters. To prove that age is only a handicap for the soft ones.”

And when asked what he’ll do if White isn’t interested in having him fight for the UFC again, Gracie added:

“My man, I’m fighting,” he said. “It doesn’t matter where. Even for free.”

So, it sounds like Gracie’s pretty adamant about fighting again, but he may have to look outside the UFC. Prior to facing Hughes, Gracie had won three straight, but those fights took place in 2006 and 2007.

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