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Nik Lentz: “Nobody’s Going to Stop Me” at 145

Nik Lentz

While not every fighter who decides to drop down to a lighter division has the success they may have been hoping for, in the case of Nik Lentz, it’s been so far, so good. Since the former lightweight made the decision to drop to 145, not only has Lentz won three straight, but he became just the second man in May to defeat Hacran Dias.

Up next, Lentz will face his toughest test to date at featherweight, as he’ll square off with #1 contender Chad Mendes at UFC on FOX 9. So, what does Lentz think his chances are of defeating the ridiculously powerful wrestler on December 14th? Evidently pretty, pretty good. While speaking at Thursday’s UFC on FOX 9 presser, here is some of what Lentz had to say about his next scrap (comments via MMA

“It feels really good, especially since I moved down to 145 pounds, I’m a completely different person,” Lentz said. “You know, people don’t know it yet is I’m going to be the hardest guy that Chad’s ever fought. That’s guaranteed — and that includes Jose Aldo.”

‘When it comes to this fight, I’m super-excited about it. [The UFC] called me, I already had a fight scheduled. They said there’s an opportunity, and maybe we could get you to fight Chad Mendes if you want it. I told them, sign it up, whatever I’ve got to do. Whatever I’ve got to sign, sign it up. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this on the main card, to show that I’m a brand new person since changing to American Top Team at 145 pounds, I’m telling you guys — I’m the man at 145 pounds. Nobody’s going to stop me in here.”

Wow. Now there’s some confidence. Lentz has certainly impressed thus far at 145, and if he can defeat Mendes, then a title shot won’t be far off.

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