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Shields: GSP Will Beat Hendricks

Kelsey Mowatt

Jake Shields

Jake Shields will attempt to make a big step back to the UFC’s top ten welterweight rankings this Wednesday, when he battles another renowned grappler in Demian Maia. Of course, it wasn’t that long ago when Shields was widely regarded as one of the planet’s top 170’ers, and as a threat to UFC champ Georges St. Pierre. Although Shields put up a solid effort in their April, 2011 scrap, GSP went on to score a UD win.

So, considering that Shields has fought St. Pierre before, does he believe Johny Hendricks will be the man to end the welterweight’s ridiculous run? While speaking to MMA recently, here’s what Shields had to say about the upcoming UFC 167 headliner between GSP and Hendricks.

“St-Pierre vs. Hendricks is a good fight,” Shields said. “I think it’s a really exciting fight and one I want to watch. But ultimately, I think ‘GSP’ is so good at what he does. He’s such a smart fighter.”

“I think ‘GSP’ will end up using his distance, range – his standup – and end up taking Hendricks down and wearing him down and winning a tough fight,” Shields added.

While GSP is a favourite heading into November 16th, it’s interesting to see Shields say the champ’s wrestling will once again be a key factor, considering Hendricks’ decorated wrestling career. It’s a fascinating match-up; no question.

Shields will face Maia at UFC Fight Night 29 on October 9th, which will take place in Barueri, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Stay tuned to MMA for all your UFC news.


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