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UFC Fight Night 29: Silva Batters Listless Hamill

Thiago Silva

Tonight’s fourth main card bout of the UFC Fight Night 29 billing went to the light heavyweight division as Thiago Silva. The bout would see Hamill’s second fight after a short retirement spoiled by Silva tonight in Brazil.

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Silva Batters Listless Hamill

Thiago Silva did not improve his standing much by defeating Matt Hamill after missing weight yesterday. After a decent first round, Hamill quickly seemed to lose any steam he had and was battered for much of the latter part of the second and the entire third round. Silva has now won two straight, while drops to 1-1 since returning from retirement.


Rd. 1- Keith Peterson is our referee tonight. Hamill with a knee pick takedown but be never establishes top control. Fighters exchange leg kicks and Hamill with a nice left. Big right by Silva stuns Hamill. Big outside legkicks by Silva. Pace slows as Silva picks his shots now. More inside legkicks by Silva. 1-2 combos by Silva. Body shot by Hamill lands nicely. Silva is really breathing hard in the Octagon. Another inside legkick by Silva. Good combo by Hamill. MMAFrenzy has the round 10-9 Silva.

Rd. 2- Hamill lands early but gets stunned by Silva. Spinning elbow by Hamill lands. Hamill with a jab and a takedown attempt that misses. He secures a second takedown but Silva is back up now. Outside legkicks by Silva and an inside legkick now. Inside legkicks by Silva now. Legkick by Hamill. Huge left and right by Silva and a followup shot drops Hamill. Silva looks exhausted while trying to finish and Hamill escapes with Silva on his back. Big shots from Silva now. Big left by Silva. Hamill with a takedown and he takes Silva’s back as the Brazilian stands. Hamill swings him back to the canvas shortly before the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Silva (20-18).

Rd. 3- Silva stuffs a takedown and takes Hamill’s back. Hamill stands and the fighters exchange legkicks. Hamill telegraphs a takedown and it is not there at all. Big outside legkick by Silva and Hamill catches Silva in the eye. Silva sees the doctor and he tells him he is fine. Another massive outside legkick off the restart. Uppercut by Hamill but he eats and inside-outside legkick combo by Silva. Hamill with a body lock now. Another big outside leg kick by Silva off the restart. Hamill looks exhausted. Overhand right by Silva lands and Hamill clinches and tries a cross-body knee pick. Huge outside legkick by Silva and Hamill looks done. Big knees by Silva. Silva is beating up a clearly done Hamill. Hamill isn’t even trying anything as Silva tears him up to the final horn. MMAFrenzy has it 10-8 Silva (30-26).

Thiago Silva def. Matt Hamill via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-27)


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