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UFC Fight Night 29: Shields Bests Maia

Jake Shields

MMAFrenzy’s live fight coverage concludes with our recap of tonight’s UFC Fight Night 29 main event between Jake Shields and Demian Maia. In battle of dominant grapplers, it would be the American fighter that would get his hand raised tonight in São Paulo.

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Shields Bests Maia

Jake Shields came out on top tonight in a bout he called one of the top 3 most difficult bouts of his career against Demian Maia. The two battled in a back-and-forth battle that took place mostly on the ground. Shields managed to counter Maia’s more dangerous attacks early on and that was how he was able to secure his best offense of the fight. Maia was in better control of the standup and was able to fend off the majority of Shields takedown attempts but was unable to take advantage of some very advantageous positions.

The split decision by Shields is a huge one for him in the very tough welterweight division. Shields is now unbeaten in his last four fights after handing Maia his first loss at welterweight.


Rd. 1- Maia seizes control of the cage early as Shields stays on the outside. Maia with a takedown attempt that Shields defends well. Maia in the clinch and he uses a body lock to get Shields down. Punches by Maia on the ground now as he is in Shields’s butterfly guard. Shields using the cage and stands up to get a body lock of his own but Maia pummels in and takes him down again. Butterfly guard for Shields and he gives up hus back to stand. Maia jumps for the choke but Shields hips him off and reverses Maia. Shields is in Maia’s guard now. Shields checks the clock as Maia looks comfortable off as his back. Shields has half guard now and he peppers a few punches that Maia mostly blocks. Short elbows by Shields as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-10.

Rd. 2- Maia again controls the center and Shields tries a takedown. Maia reverses but Shields uses a butt-drag to counter the Hi-C and take Maia down. Short elbows by Shields now. Maia works back to the cage and uses a butterfly to elevate Shields briefly. Shields with a half guard sit out but Maia recovers guard. Double butterflies by Maia and he gives up half guard to try and stand. Marc Goddard asks for more action. Shileds is just holding in half guard. Maia looks for a shoulder lock in guard but Shields is wise to it. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Shields (20-19).

Rd. 3- Inside legkick by Shields to start the action. Maia starting to let his hands fly a bit as Shields condtorls distance. Overhand left by Maia forces Shields into a double leg but Maia reverses him. Shields steps over on a whizzer but Maia can’t make him pay. Maia tags Shields with a nasty combo and takes Shields back on the canvas. Punches by Maia but Shields explodes into a reversal and gets it. Shields and Maia are back in half guard now. Maia recovers full guard. Round ends with Jake in his guard. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Shields (30-28)

Rd. 4- Right hand by Maia. Maia stuffs a takedown attempt by Shields and controls the clinch. Knees by Maia. Shields has a big mouse under his left eye. Shields controls the clinch and tries for a takedown. Referee separates them and Shields tries multiple takedowns before Maia reverses him. Punches by Maia now. Shields just looking for a tie-up now. Referee surprisingly stands them up. Lefts by Maia. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Maia (39-38).

Rd. 5- Body shot by Maia as he is blocking Shields’ strikes. Weak inside legkicks by Shields. Hi-C by Shields is easily stuffed by Maia. Headkick by Shields is blocked. Another Hi-C by Shields but he isn’t turning the corner and he drives it to the cage. Shields is just holding onto a double against the cage and Maia uses double-unders to bring him up. Right hand by Maia. Shields tries another takedown and is rebuffed. Big left by Maia. Shields tries a single but Maia sprawls out and Shields drives a double to the cage with a minute left. Shields is doing very little and the referee separates them. Left cross and a left hook from Maia as the fight ends in a flurry. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Maia for a 48-48 draw.

Jake Shields def. Demian Maia via split decision (48-47,47-48,48-47)


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