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UFC 166: Cormier Controls Nelson

Roy Nelson

Tonight’s UFC 166 co-main event saw Daniel Cormier take on Roy Nelson in a heavyweight bout. The two heated rivals squared off in a one-sided bout that saw the former Oklahoma State wrestler victorious.

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Cormier Controls Nelson

Former Olympian Daniel Cormier put on a dominant performance against Roy Nelson tonight in Houston. Cormier pressured Nelson early with wrestling to establish the threat before going to work with the striking game in the next two rounds. Cormier will now head to the light heavyweight division with a thirteen fight win streak and the title in sights. Nelson has now lost two straight and looked poor in both bouts.


Rd. 1- Jacob McDonald is our ref for the co-main event. Nelson is looking for big punches early. Cormier ducks a punch and lands a single leg to a cradle. Nelson recovers full guard but gets stuck in the cradle again. Hard punches by Cormier as he lets go. Roy gives up his back to stand and Cormier again has him down. Big knee by Cormier. Cormier drops to a single and Nelson goes for a kimura and DC works out. DC is really out-grappling Nelson and smothering the bigger fighter with good movement and technique. Big knee to the body by Cormier. Roy looks over the top and eats two big knees and a punch to the body. Ref stops it for low blow and it looks like the main force hit the gut of Nelson but it allows Nelson to breathe for a second. Touch of gloves on the restart. Headkick by Cormier. Jab by Cormier as Nelson again loads up. Legkick by Nelson. Big punch by Nelson is missed and huge left by DC. Nelson swings wildly and misses yet again and he is already winded. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Cormier.

Rd. 2- DC takes the center of the cage again. Jab by Nelson. Cormier is just out of range of the huge strikes from Nelson. Great legkick by Cormier and he feints a takedown to a nice right. Cormier’s movement is unreal so far. Nelson is gassing as his mouth is wide open. Big combo by Cormier backs up Nelson and Cormier drops to a takedown and it’s in the clinch. Huge knees to the body by DC and he lands a takedown but Nelson scrambles up. DC is controlling the clinch now. Nelson is trying a guillotine but it is not even close. Nice uppercut by DC. DC breaks and lands a few combos before clinching again. Beautiful combo by Cormier lands flush and he throws another. Nelson is breathing hard. Jabs by Cormier and he lands two big rights as well. Nelson storms but hits air. Switch kick by DC and he lands another combo as the clapper sounds. Nelson is gassed bad. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Cormier (20-18).

Rd. 3- Touch of gloves by the fighters at the start. Cormier is using a low to high kick so far. Nelson is only looking for the knockout now. Nice overhand right by DC. More combos by DC and he lands some hard legkicks now too. DC fakes the takedown to land a left. Spinning fist by DC and a kick. Teep to the face by DC. Legkicks by DC and a big body kick too. Roy loads up on a left and gets tagged by a combo. Jab by DC stops a Nelson right. Nelson is completely gassed now. Big right by DC and he lands a takedown but doesn’t have great control and he lets Nelson go. Low to high kick by DC again.Nelson is taunting DC but DC’s movent is perfect and he is outlanding Nelson with ease. 0:20 left and they’re swinging. Nelson lands a legkick that causes DC to slip but he’s good. MMAFrenzy has it a shutout for Cormier 30-27.

Daniel Cormier def. Roy Nelson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


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