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UFC 166: Velasquez Batters Dos Santos to Retain Title

Junior dos Santos

Tonight’s UFC 166 main event featured a rubber match between UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and former champion Junior dos Santos. After two decidedly different earlier meetings, it would be the AKA product that would retain the UFC belt tonight in Houston, Texas.

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Velasquez Batters Dos Santos to Retain Title

It was a bit of an interesting moment in tonight’s main event as UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos basically reenacted both of their prior bouts. JDS would stun Velasquez on the very first exchange of the fight but Cain would rally and batter “Cigano” for the duration of the fight. Velasquez fought a smart but brutal fight by teeing off in spurts before clinching as Dos Santos tried to return fire.

While JDS would withstand over 300 punches, it was a fall that lead to the eventual stoppage of the fight as the Brazilian could not recover after Velasquez stopped his choke attempt. Velasquez will now likely face Fabricio Werdum in his next fight. Dos Santos is now back to the drawing board as he has taken brutal beatings in his last two fights with the champion. “Cigano” vowed to come back stronger in his next fight, with his eyes still set on recovering his lost title.


Rd. 1- Ungodly tense staredown. JDS stuns Cain off the bat twice. Velasquez with a takedown a guillotine. JDS breaks free and tags Cain again. Clinch work by Cain now. Combo by JDS along the fence and Cain responds in kind. Headkick by JDS and Cain locks up a body lock. Cain is working knees in the clinch and lands a takedown off a bodylock. Big elbow by Cain as he settles into halfguard. JDS gives up his back to escape and he eats big punches. JDS gets back up and eats a knee and Cain immediately attacks the double again. Foot sweep attempt by Cain. Nice combo by Cain. Hard uppercuts by Cain now. Cain with the Greco clinch now and he is just seizing control with knees and punches. JDS breaks away for a second to try a spinning kick that whiffs. JDS breathing hard as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Velasquez.

Rd. 2-Cain pressures again and JDS lands a right hook but Cain shakes it off and attacks along the cage. More knees to the legs by Cain in the clinch. Punches from Cain now in the clinch. Wild combo attempt by Cain but JDS shows great head movement and avoids the kill shots. Hard jabs by Cain and he clinches. Big knee by Cain now and starts throwing to the legs again. Cain drives a takedown and they appear to have damaged the fence as referee Herb Dean tries to brace it. Takedown by JDS but Cain is back up and lands two big rights. Cain back in clinch control now. JDS’s face is wearing the damage now. You can hear UFC crew members scrambling to fix the cage as the action goes away from the blue door. Both fighters catch each other at the end of the round. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Velasquez (20-18).

Rd. 3- Big right to open the action in the third by JDS. Cain shakes it off and pressures in. Bigleft connects by Cain and he lands another strong right. Cain is working JDS’s legs with knees in the clinch. Uppercut by Cain. JDS is busted up now but he lands a solid elbow and knee but it doesn’t get Cain off him. JDS breaks free and swings wildly again. Crowd starting to boo Cain’s clinch attack now. JDS is landing but then he is floored by a huge shot from Cain. Cain drops him again with a vicious 1-2 and Herb starts to step in but backs off. JDS is somehow standing but he is getting drilled. Cain slows down the effort after it’s obvious JDS is recovering but JDS is still wobbly. Left by Cain and a solid uppercut too. Big right by Cain and JDS is hurting. Dean is giving this one a long look and the crowd is back to cheering again. Somehow JDS survives the round but it was close. MMAFrenzy has it 10-8 Cain (30-26).

Rd. 4- Doctor gave JDS a long look between rounds. Cain looks fresh, it’s unreal. Huge right by Cain and he clinches and then he separates to land another massive combo. JDS is pouring blood now and Herb Dean is staying close. Cain breaks again and lands another combo. JDS looks like he’s fighting in water now as he slows. Cain threatens with both an outside and inside trip but elects to strike insteand. Cain breaks and JDS swings but Cain is in control and he lands hard foot stomps as he clinches again. Big right by JDS off a break and he lands another before catching Cain with an uppercut. JDS still has power but Cain is in total control here. Cain is having trouble seeing due to the amount of blood pouring off JDS. Dean stops the fight to let the doc check him and his left eye is almost swollen shut and there’s cuts above both eyes. Cain is covered in JDS’s blood. Short elbow by JDS but he eats a big right. Another elbow and a pair of left hooks by JDS. Cain still in control though. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Cain (40-35).

Rd. 5-Doctors give JDS yet another very long look but allow it to continue. It’s unreal how Cain is seemingly not tired. Left by JDS but he’s takendown by Cain with ease. Triangle attempt by JDS but he’s too slippery. JDS is back up and he eats more damage. JDS is even more of a mess now than in the first fight. Cain is landing hard short uppercuts in the clinch now. JDS with an elbow to separate but Cain again connects and pressures. JDS breaks free but he is just wildly swinging now. JDS tries a last ditch Ninja choke but Cain hits a sweet rollout that essentially knocks out JDS as Cain finishes it with a final blow.

Cain Velasquez def. Junior dos Santos via TKO (strikes) at 3:09 of Round 5


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