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Velasquez on Cormier: No “Tougher Fight Out There”

Kelsey Mowatt

Cain Velasquez

If  heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and Daniel Cormier proceed to win their bouts tomorrow night, against Junior dos Santos and Roy Nelson respectively, there will be a voice in every MMA fan wishing the two would fight next. Sure, they’re friends and teammates at AKA, but fans want to see the best fights possible, and considering Cormier’s abilities and #2 ranking, it’s a fight that makes a ton of sense.

Of course, unless Cormier and Velasquez have been pulling the greatest gag of all time, or have a massive falling out sometime during UFC 166, they won’t be fighting any time soon. Especially since Cormier is moving to light-heavyweight, whether he wins or loses. Recently the two relayed what it’s like training and sparring with each other, and here is some of what they had to say (comments via MMA

“I know I’ve been in harder fights with (Cormier) than I have in the cage,” Velasquez said. “There isn’t a tougher fight out there for me than him. I’m going against the best guy every day.”

“We spar hard at least once a week,” Cormier said. “And it sucks.”

“I know I won’t ever be on that bike by myself, because Cain will be there,” Cormier said. “I know I never have to worry about having a sparring partner, because Cain’s always going to be there.”

It’s not surprising to hear the two head praise on each other, considering their friends etc, but it’s also not hard to see why they do. Now it will be interesting to see if either man gets upset tomorrow night; clearly a Nelson win over Cormier would be much, much more of a shocker.

UFC 166 will go down at Houston’s Toyota Center. Stay tuned to MMA for all your UFC news and coverage.


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