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UFN 30: Pearson Not Looking to Emulate Melendez-Sanchez

Kelsey Mowatt

Ross Pearson

Most fans are likely expecting an entertaining stand-up battle Saturday when Melvin Guillard throws down with Ross Pearson at UFC FN 30, as both men have showcased impressive striking skills throughout their careers. While most people certainly won’t be heading out to grab more beer when Guillard and Pearson step into the Octagon, don’t expect the same type of crazy slugfest that happened at UFC 166. Yes, meaning the Gilbert Melendez-Diego Sanchez fight.

Why not? Well, when asked recently for his thoughts on last Saturday’s thrilling war, Pearson acknowledged he enjoyed the bout, before noting (comments via MMA

“To me, that’s not what the sport is about,”

“The sport is about being able to set your moves up, being able to manipulate your opponent to make him do what you want to do – not just go out there and stand in the middle and go toe-to-toe,” he said. “Sometimes you need [to do that] when both fighters are the same size, and both the same skill level, and both the same strength. It comes down to who’s got the biggest balls.”

Of course, Pearson will be taking on one of the UFC’s most punishing strikers at 155, so as the Brit noted, his plan versus Guillard is “not to get hit.” That’s a good strategy.

“The Real Deal”, who made his MMA debut having only trained in boxing, also relayed he loves watching Anderson Silva fight and that he’s trying to “copy that.” We’ll see Saturday if he can.

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