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UFC Fight Night 30: Manuwa Scores Odd Victory Over Jimmo

Ryan Jimmo

MMAFrenzy’s coverage of UFC Fight Night 30 rolls along to the light heavyweight division for a bout between Ryan Jimmo and Jimi Manuwa. In the end, the hometown fighter would reign victorious tonight in Manchester as Jimmo would go down with an injury in the fight.

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Manuwa Victorious Over Jimmo

Jimi Manuwa would pick up his third UFC victory in a row tonight over Ryan Jimmo in his native England. The bout would come to an odd conclusion when Ryan Jimmo went down with a leg injury after a grinding first two rounds. Regardless of the method, Manuwa has now won three straight in the Octagon while Jimmo drops to 2-2 in the UFC.


Rd. 1- Jimmo is coming out swinging early. Big body kick by Jimmo and Manuwa catches it. Jimmo controls the clinch now against the cage. Nothing significant lands along the cage and the ref breaks them up. Hard strikes by Manuwa before Jimmo clinches again but this time Manuwa has control. Knees to the thighs by Manuwa. Jimmo pummels in and seizes control in the clinch. Jimmo with some knees but he loses his control and Manuwa with more hard knees to the thighs. Wicked leg kick by Manuwa off the break. Manuwa is starting to find his range now.Nasty left hand by Manuwa and Jimmo is now having to battle back. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Manuwa.

Rd. 2-┬áJimmo immediately looks to clinch and he gets it. Light knees by Jimmo before he lands a good one. Few light knees and the ref breaks them up. Wicked body kick by Manuwa. Step-in jab by Jimmo is answered by a tough leg kick. Body kick by Jimmo. Manuwa controls the clinch briefly but gets reversed. Fight is stopped for an accidental lowblow by Manuwa. Jimmo back in clinch control off the restart and the ref breaks them. Manuwa with a few strikes and a clinch. Fighters separate and Manuwa with a knee to the head and Jimmo tries to bounce it off. Jimmo’s leg gives out and it looks like a foot injury is ending this one.

Jimi Manuwa def. Ryan Jimmo via TKO (injury) at 4:41 Round 2


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