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UFN 30: Lineker Will Assess Weight Issues Afterwards

Kelsey Mowatt

John Lineker

If John Lineker takes out Phil Harris today at UFC Fight Night 30, the flyweight will have won four straight fights and could be in the title shot mix, considering he’s already ranked #5. The problem is, however, that the UFC may not be too thrilled with him right now because he’s missed weight for three of his last five fights.

Lineker weighed in Friday at 128 pounds for today’s bout, and for his last fight at UFC 163, he came in at 129. When he fought Louis Gaudinot in May, 2012, the Brazilian fighter weighed 127. So, while Lineker has been rising up the flyweight ranks, he’s clearly been having trouble making the weight. While discussing what might be next for the fighter, Lineker’s manager Alex Davis told MMA

“It’s too soon to say right now,” said Davis. “He still has to win this fight, and that’s what we will focus on for now.”

“He got fined and probably spoiled his chance at a title shot for right now,” Davis added. “We’ll decide what we’ll do next after Saturday night.”

Davis also relayed that Lineker’s cut was apparently going as planned, but that the fighter recently “locked up” and the weight would “not come off anymore.” The 23 year-old was fined 25% by the UFC for not making weight, which is 5% more than the penalty that’s usually handed out. The reason being, of course, that Lineker is a repeat offender.

So, now it will be interesting to see how Lineker looks versus Harris, and if he decides to move to bantamweight for future fights.

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