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Bellator 106: Alvarez Stuns Chandler in Classic

Michael Chandler

Tonight’s Bellator 106 main event featured a rematch for the Bellator lightweight title as champion Michael Chandler squared off with former champion Eddie Alvarez. In the end, Alvarez would regain the championship belt and the bragging rights with an exciting display of MMA by both men at the Long Beach Arena.

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Alvarez Stuns Chandler to Regain Title

Eddie Alvarez would regain his coveted Bellator lightweight title by defeating Chandler in an all out battle tonight in Long Beach, California. While there was outcry over the result of the bout, the fortitude both men showed is not up for debate as both left everything in the cage. Alvarez picked up the victory by out-pointing Chandler with solid boxing that also left the MIZZOU standout with only one good eye at the end of the second round.

Chandler would hurt Alvarez several times over their five round war and nearly secured several submissions but it was not enough to get the victory tonight at Bellator 106. The loss for Chandler snaps his perfect record in the sport after twelve straight victories to start his career. While both men will need time off, a third fight is all but guaranteed to go down in 2014.


Rd. 1- “Big John” McCarthy is tonight’s referee. Chandler and Alvarez are wasting no time tonight with Chandler moving forward. Nice right lands by Alvarez. Chandler is struggling to find his range so far but he lands a body kick. Alvarez tries a counter single leg but it’s shucked off. Nice jabs by Alvarez. Alvarez is taunting Chandler to draw him in. Hard right from Chandler. Chandler is advancing with big punches but Eddie is just missing them. Nasty right hand by Chandler and Alvarez tries another single but cannot get it. Nice combination by Alvarez. Eddie with a stiff right and Chandler lands a good one of his own. Chandler catches a kick and scores a big takedown and he slams him down hard as Eddie stands. Chandler has a deep RNC but loses the hooks and Alvarez gets him off. Alvarez tries another takedown but is easily bulled off by Chandler. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Chandler.

Rd. 2- Jabs by Chandler early but Eddie is moving forward to start the frame. Nasty right by Chandler and Alvarez recovers to land a good counter. Nice uppercut by Chandler as he moves in. Jab by Alvarez. Both fights have cuts under their right eyes now. Nice left by the champ. Another solid combo by Chandler. Both men are landing solid jabs. Alvarez fends off a takedown. Both men are landing jabs and Eddie is back in retreat. Chandler with a takedown and he lands a snatch and return as Eddie stands. Chandler with another slam timed to avoid a back elbow. Chandler switches to a double leg now as Alvarez lands some short shots. Alvarez is looking to his corner and he finally does something to stand. Chandler is now badly cut and has swelling on his left eye. Nice combo by Alvarez and Chandler again lands a takedown. Punches and elbows from Chandler as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Chandler.

Rd. 3- Nice combo by Alvarez to start the round but Chandler responds. Kick by Alvarez to a nice right that backs up Chandler. Chandler telegraphs a takedown and Alvarez lands to the body. Side kick to the body by Chandler and a nice jab as well. Alvarez defends another takedown. Right by Alvarez lands. Chandler in on another takedown on the cage. Chandler arm drags out of the takedown attempt. Alvarez with a solid right and left. Chandler’s nose is busted up now too and Alvarez is taking advantage. Alvarez tries another takedown but misses it. Spinning backfist by Alvarez but Chandler with an uppercut. Hard takedown by Chandler and he is digging for the RNC. Alvarez is to his feet but Chandler with another takedown. Lefts and rights by Chandler and he lands some tight elbows as the round ends. Chandler’s left eye is all but shut. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Alvarez (29-28)

Rd. 4- Doctor’s took a long look at Chandler’s eye between rounds. Chandler with jabs now. Nice combo by Alvarez but Chandler easily stuffs his takedown. Wicked flying knee by Chandler and he is pressing the action now. Chandler gets a takedown off a front headlock and now Alvarez is cut bad over his eye and nose. Elbows and punches by Chandler and he lands some big strikes. Big hammerfists by Chandler and some huge elbows by Chandler too. More strikes from Chandler and he traps Alvarez’s arm for some big strikes. Alvarez gets his arm back but he’s taking a lot of damage. Big rights by Chandler are mostly blocked but Alvarez is being dominated. Big punches to the head and body by Chandler. Alvarez with some elbows. 10-9 Chandler in the biggest round of the fight for Chandler (39-37).

Rd. 5- Fighters shake before the round. Alvarez is pressuring now more as Chandler is mainly looking for the takedown. Nasty slip uppercut by the chance and he lands a takedown to a neck crank but Alvarez survives and scrambles to Chandler’s back in the standup. Chandler tries a judo throw but the cage saves Alvarez. These guys are going to war now and both are a mess. Chandler’s face is destroyed and he may have a broken jaw now. Alvarez is in control now. Alvarez has the RNC but Chandler fights out of it twice. More strikes by Alvarez but Chandler reverses. Both men are completely dead but they’re throwing it all into the fight. Bell rings and that’s it. What a freaking war. MMAFrenzy has the round 10-9 Alvarez but the fight 48-47 Chandler.

Eddie Alvarez def. Michael Chandler via split decision (48-47,47-48,48-47)


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