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UFN 31: Fight for the Troops 3 Play-by-Play

Yoel Romero

MMAFrenzy’s coverage of tonight’s midweek UFC action rolls along with our UFC Fight Night 31: Fight for the Troops 3 play-by-play of tonight’s FS1 main card. Be sure to stay tuned to MMAFrenzy for the latest updates from tonight’s action in Fort Campbell, Kentucky from the main card opener through tonight’s main event between Tim Kennedy and Rafael Natal.

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Be sure to check back and refresh often tonight beginning at 7PM ET for our UFC Fight Night 31: Fight for the Troops 3 play-by-play. Also make sure to check out our additional coverage of tonight’s action at the home of the 101 Airborne Division.

UFN 31: Fight for the Troops 3 Play-by-Play:

Michael Chiesa vs. Colton Smith

Rd. 1- Touch of gloves and we’re off. Smith is working the kicks early in their fight but Smith is defending well. Chiesa with a combo and Smith locks a body lock and uses a snatch and return to get the fight to the ground. Gorgeous sweep by Chiesa and he takes Smith’s back. Chiesa has the body triangle and he is digging for the RNC finish. Smith is fending it off correctly though and he reverses position after forcing a scramble. Chiesa stands but Smith takes him back down and takes Chiesa’s back. Standing RNC attempt by Smith. Chiesa tries to slam his way out in desperation and it does break the hold. Smith reestablishes position works a power half to control Chiesa’s position. Chiesa escapes, but neither fighter lands again as the crowd counts it down. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Smith.

Rd. 2- Fighters both start aggressively and Chiesa misses a trip. Combo by Smith. Hard left lands from Chiesa but Smith lands a body lock against the cage. Gorgeous throw by Chiesa stuns Smith and he immediately takes Smith’s back and sinks in a fight-ending choke.

Michael Chiesa def. Colton Smith via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:41 of Round 2

Rustam Khabilov vs. Jorge Masvidal

Rd. 1- Big overhand right from Khabilov to start the action. Another right by Khabilov counters Masvidal and he lands another combo coming forward. Legkick by Masvidal. Another right by Khabilov. Body kick by the Dagestani. Step-in back elbow by Khabilov. Nice jab by Masvidal and he eats a combo on the return. Khabilov ducks a punch and works a takedown but Masvidal defends and lands a body kick. Another good body kick by Masvidal and he lands a flying knee but is taken down and uses the hand down to prevent knees to the head. Masividal connects on a pair of knees on the break. Flying knee by Masvidal. Kick by Khabilov is caught but he recovers. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Masvidal.

Rd. 2- Khabilov is aggressive to start the round. Left hook by Khabilov and he lands a counter right as Masvidal returns fire. Legkick by Masvidal. Body to overhand right by Khabilov and Masvidal with a jab. Hard knee by Masvidal as Khabilov clinches and he works out. Left to the body by Masvidal. Khabilov is over shooting with his right now. Clinch by both men and Masvidal has control as he lands some knees. Hard combo by Khabilov on the break and Masvidal lands a trip as they clinch. Volley of elbows by Masvidal but Khabilov works back up. Khabilov with his own takedown but Masvidal plays the game to work back up and then uses a reshot to escape. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Masvidal (20-18).

Rd. 3- Khabilov using more kicks now and he lands some hooks as well. Nice right by Masvidal. Spinning back headkick by Khabilov floors Masvidal! Khabilov pounces and takes his back. Masvidal escapes and tries a takedown of his own that Khabilov defends. Khabilov tries a no hooks choke but doesn’t get it. Masvidal is coming forward but Khabilov is still landing. Both men are tired. Masvidal with a single but he gives it up and throws a knee to the body. Masividal trips Khabilov but he escapes. Overhand rights by Khabilov with under 90-ticks left. Masvidal tries the spinning kick and is taken down. Masvidal uses a Granby roll to escape and Khabilov clinches. Masvidal tries a takedown but Khabilov stuffs it and he just starts pounding the body before Masvidal stands. Both men are exhausted as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Khabilov but the fight 29-28 Masvidal. Could go either way though.

Rustam Khabilov def. Jorge Masvidal via unanimous decision (30-27,29-28,30-27)

Ronny Markes vs. Yoel Romero

Rd. 1- Touch of gloves and we’re off. Legkicks by both men to start the fight. Body kick by Markes. Markes catches a kick and scores a takedown but Romero works right back up. Hard left by Romero lands and he lands another combo off a break. Romero slips on kick and and Markes tries to dive in but Romero is gone when he gets there. Nice combo by Romero. Markes with a clinch after taking a punch and he secures a trip takedown. Markes tries use a kimura but Romero explodes out and escapes. Romero with a hard left on the escape too. Another hard left off a feint by Romero. Romero tries a takedown after a legkick and slips off. MMAFrenzy has the opening round 10-9 Romero.

Rd. 2- Romero backs him off to start the round and lands a hard body kick after evading some strikes. Hard knee by Romero and more hard strikes. Markes slips after taking a hard strike. Romero fakes a spin and lands a hard knee to the body. Foot sweep by Romero but he lets Markes stand. Hard lefts by Romero. Another vicious left by Romero and Markes tries another takedown that’s stuffed easily. Leg kick to a nasty body kick drops Ronny Markes. Romero isn’t diving in though and lets him back up. Axe kick by Romero misses. Markes with a flying knee that misses and he is trying to push the pace finally. Body kick by Markes. Another hard straight left by Romero. Markes with a hard right right as the clapper sounds. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Romero (20-18)

Rd. 3- Markes comes out swinging but then misses a takedown. Accidental poke. Nasty lefts from Romero wobble Markes but he stays up after trying a takedown. Body shot by Romero. Left-right hooks to the body by Romero. MASSIVE overhand left destroys Markes and Romero lands one hammerfist to get the referee to step in. Wow.

Yoel Romero def. Ronny Markes via KO (strikes) at 1:39 of Round 3

Liz Carmouche vs. Alexis Davis

Rd. 1- Carmouche comes forward early with kicks. Davis stops this by catching a kick but missing the takedown. Nice combo by Davis. Hard legkick by Carmouche. Davis moving forward with the jab and counters a legkick by Carmouche with an overhand. Outside legkick by Carmouche. Inside legkick by an advancing Davis but hard outside legkick by Carmouche follows. Davis on the advance and she lands an inside kick that hurts Carmouche. Hard combination from Davis. Another inside kick by Carmouche with a big right hand. Davis is pressuring with a mix of legkicks and punches as Carmouche circles. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Davis.

Rd. 2- Davis is pressing forward again but Carmouche is still landing occasional hard strikes. Inside legkick by Davis and the fighters exchange hard strikes. Big strike by Liz cuts Davis badly and she starts pressuring with a hard attack. Carmouche momentarily controls the clinch but Davis works out and is on the warpath. Teep to the body by Carmouche and both exchange hard strikes. Hard outside legkick by Davis and Carmouche again changes stances. Hard combo by Davis and Carmouche fires back. Another combination from Davis and yet another volley of legkicks too. Davis catches a kick and slams Carmouche. Davis advances to side control. Davis using shoulder strikes as Carmouche ties up her arm. Carmouche is try to cage walk as Davis throws knees to the body. Carmouche lands a reversal right as the horn sounds. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Davis (20-18).

Rd. 3- Legkick by Davis drops Carmouche off the bat and she pressures as Carmouche stands. Body lock by Davis along the cage and she is using knees to the body now. Knees to the thighs and body by Davis. Carmouche reverses and lands a nice knee of her own. Davis reasserts and lands more knees. Davis is looking for an inside or outside trip before the referee splits them up. Davis is again on the attack. Carmouche is lifting her leg each time Davis advances now. Wicked volley of legkicks by Davis but Carmouche connects on a counter as Davis clinches with two minutes left. Carmouche tries a takedown but is stuffed. Davis with another combo. A minute left and we’re centered. Davis is walking her down now and Carmouche is flinching eat time Davis flinches now. Davis punches her way into the clinch and lands solid knees. Big strikes by Davis over the last ten seconds. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Davis (30-27)

Alexis Davis def. Liz Carmouche via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Tim Kennedy vs. Rafael Natal

Rd. 1- Touch of gloves and we’re off. Kennedy catches a Natal kick to throw a punch. Body kick by Natal. Nice counter right Natal. Natal with legkicks but a nice headkick by Kennedy. Sapo warms and lands a nice left. Right by Sapo but Kennedy lands an uppercut. Knee pick takedown by Sapo but Kennedy springs back up. Sapo drops Kennedy with a legkick but Kennedy is back up. Nasty body kick to a hook by Kennedy. Headkick by Kennedy is checked. Hard legkicks by Kennedy now. Spinning backfist from Natal slaps the back of Natal. Kennedy just misses a wheel kick. MASSIVE leaping left hook floors Sapo out of nowhere. Kennedy follows up and the hangar explodes into cheers for an emotional Kennedy.

Tim Kennedy def. Rafael Natal via KO (punch) at 4:40 of Round 1


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