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Bisping Outlines Plan to Hold Judges “Accountable”

Kelsey Mowatt

Michael Bisping

Judging in MMA has always been a hot button issue in the sport, but lately there’s been widespread calls to address how too many fights are being inaccurately scored. Case in point, Cole Miller recently argued that far too often “unqualified people” are judging fights. Conor McGregor has stated that he’s in favour of scrapping time limits and judges all together…

Well, at a recent Q&A session in Manchester, middleweight contender Michael Bisping offered this take on how judging could be improved (comments via MMA

“Sometimes a fight happens and I look at it and I think clearly this guy won and all the judges will give it to that guy. But one judge will give it to the other guy, maybe 30-27. I think that judge should be pulled to one side at a hearing of some sort and told to explain why he gave it to that guy, break it down round by round.”

“Make him watch the fight and say, why on Earth did you score it for that guy because he clearly lost. So why did you do it?” added Bisping “He should be held accountable is what I’m saying. If he can’t back up why he scored it that way then he shouldn’t be a judge anymore.”

While some old school and hardcore fans would like to see bouts with no time limits, judges or rounds, what Bisping’s proposing is much more realistic at this juncture. Like it or not, the current system is probably here to stay, so educating more judges on what actually constitutes winning a bout is key.

As for Bisping, the fighter is hoping to return in early 2014, after undergoing eye surgery recently to repair a detached retina.

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