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UFN 31: Romero in no Rush Despite Age

Kelsey Mowatt

Yoel Romero

Although Yoel Romero has less than eight fights under his belt, it’s not surprising to see that the middleweight is already buzzing fans in the UFC. After all, the “Soldier of God” is a former Olympic Silver Medalist in freestyle wrestling, and trains with the world renowned American Top Team.

Last night, Romero recorded his second UFC win in memorable fashion, by knocking out Ronny Markes with a thumping left hand in the third round. Since Romero also KO’d Clifford Starks in his UFC debut this past April, chances are more than a few people are going to be talking about him over the next few days.

While Romero’s fighting career is off to an impressive start, the middleweight didn’t make his pro debut until he was 32 and that was four years ago. So, one could argue that the 36 year-old fighter doesn’t have a lot of time to waste sitting on the sidelines, or battling non-contenders. While speaking after UFC FN 31, however, Romero made it clear that he’s not worried about his age (comments via MMA

“Primarily, I don’t believe my age is an issue,” Romero said through a translator. “I live a very disciplined life. I eat well, and I keep a very (tight) schedule.

“So I don’t believe [my career] would need to be expedited (toward a title shot).”

“I know I’m going to be good for as long as I need to be based on the disciplined routine I take”

It’s certainly going to be interesting to see who the UFC matches Romero up against next. Although Markes may not be overly familiar to casual fans, prior to facing Romero he had won seven straight, which included three wins in the Octagon. So, in other words, last night’s win was a big one for Romero.

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