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UFN 32: Henderson Not Retiring Anytime Soon

Dan Henderson

Recently Dan Henderson made it clear that he won’t be retiring, win or lose, after he fights Vitor Belfort this Saturday at UFC FN 32, and now the legend has elaborated on his future plans. As it turns out, the 43 year-old fighter could be fighting for several more years yet.

While speaking to MMA this week in Goiania, Brazil, Henderson had this to say about his career:

“I feel great, and for me that’s a big part of being able to perform well is how I feel,” Henderson said. “I feel great for this fight.

“I feel good and I know I’m able to compete with the top guys in the sport. I’m thinking it will be at least two years before I talk about retiring.”

Wow. That’s impressive, and considering that Henderson has never been TKO’d or knocked out, it’s not too surprising. Of course, things might change if Henderson loses a couple more fights in a row, but that hasn’t happened yet.

While Henderson’s title shot aspirations at 205 have been set back, thanks to decision losses to Rashad Evans and Lyoto Machida this year, he could jump into the middleweight mix if he beats Belfort. Interestingly enough, Henderson also relayed in the aforementioned interview, that he’d be willing to move to 185 ┬áif “the opportunities are better.”

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