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Rebney Discusses Alvarez’s Future With Bellator

eddie alvarez

Since Michael Chandler-Eddie Alvarez II ended up being a ridiculously entertaining fight, as well as a big ratings success, Bellator is understandably moving forward with a rubber match. While some critics are already questioning whether it should be moved to pay-per-view, as the promotion’s CEO Bjorn Rebney has said will be the case, there’s no doubt it will be the biggest fight in the promotion’s history.

While fans can look forward to the fight, huge questions remain as to what will Alvarez’s status be after the bout. Although Bellator and Alvarez can’t disclose specifics regarding the settlement they reached, which ended a pretty nasty legal battle, there’s been considerable speculation the deal isn’t long term. Recently, Rebney spoke with MMA and spoke in length about the epic Bellator 106 bout, as well as the promotion’s deal with Alvarez.

“There’s a lot of different options on Ed’s contract,” Rebney explained. “Ed could be with us for a very long period of time or a shorter period of time. There’s a lot of different options. We haven’t gone into the specifics of what our actual settlement with Ed was, but the next fight with Ed is going to be Mike, and the next fight with Mike is going to be Ed, and then we’ll see what the outcome of that fight is. That will dictate what we’re going to do next.”

Interesting. If Alvarez retains the lightweight championship, chances are Bellator wouldn’t want the fighter to walk away as a free agent, but then again, other champs have left in the past (Hector Lombard, Ben Askren is still unsigned). Rebney also had this to say while discussing the promotion’s contract battle with Alvarez and how things played out.

“Ed made great money on Saturday night, Ed’s going to have an opportunity to make great money on the third fight. Mike’s going to have an opportunity to make great money. It’s going to get huge coverage, a very real potential to be an main event on a big pay-per-view. It’s all come around.”

It looks like 2014 could be an interesting year for Bellator. Stay tuned to MMA for all your Bellator news and coverage.


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