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UFC Fight Night 32: LaFlare Controls Ponzinibbio

Santiago Ponzinibbio

MMAFrenzy’s coverage of UFC Fight Night 32 rolls along with our recap of a welterweight bout between Ryan LaFlare and Santiago Ponzinibbio. LaFlare would put a damper on the Argentinian’s UFC debut tonight in Brazil as he picked up a solid unanimous decision victory.

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LaFlare Defeats Ponzinibbio

New York native Ryan LaFlare would pick up his second UFC victory tonight by defeating TUF Brazil 2’s Santiago Ponzinibbio. LaFlare would win the rare pairing with a relentless attack featuring both wrestling and hard strikes over the course of the fight. LaFlare improves to 9-0 with the victory, with Ponzinibbio dropping to 18-2 for his career.


Rd. 1- Touch of gloves and we’re off. Hard kick from SP that LaFlare catches but can’t take advantage of. Body kick by SP and LaFlare with a gorgeous takedown and peakout to move to back control and then mount. SP recovers guard and tries to scramble but LaFlare works back to mount. Big elbows from LaFlare and he tries for an armtriangle but misses it. LaFlare goes for an armbar but he misses it and SP briefly reverses before being swept. SP scrambles and eats big shots on the way up. Body kick by SP and again he’s taken down with ease. SP kicks him off. LaFlare checks a headkick as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 LaFlare.

Rd. 2- Body kicks by LaFlare now. LaFlare slaps away a body kick by SP. Takedown by LaFlare but SP manages to escape. Combo by LaFlare. Nice left hand and a body kick by LaFlare. SP stuffs a takedown. LaFlare with a few good combos as he weaves around SP’s strikes. SP connects and LaFlare is hurt. Big strikes by both men and LaFlare stems the tide with a nice hard combo. Good takedown to half guard for LaFlare and he nearly passes to mount. Hard shots to the body by LaFlare as the round ends. MMFrenzy has it 10-10.

Rd. 3- Hard body kick by LaFlare. Nice legkick by LaFlare but he gets poked in the eye. Back after a very brief stoppage and both mean are getting after it. More body kicks by LaFlare. SP tries a wheel kick but he telegraphs it and LaFlare turns it into a hard takedown into side control. Knees to the body by LaFlare. Short elbows by LaFlare and he moves to north-south to stop SP’s escape. SP gives up his back briefly and he takes some hard shots as he works up. SP takes a huge kick as he was ducking down and LaFlare is blasting away with measured shots. SP gets back to his feet and he eats a ton of shots getting up. LaFlare slips as he’s countered and then he uses an omoplata to sweep SP to side control as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 30-28 LaFlare.

Ryan LaFlare def. Santiago Ponzinibbio via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


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