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BJ Penn Calls For Harsh Penalties In Formal NSAC Complaint

The dead horse resumes its beating. It looks like BJ Penn’s camp has finally submitted their formal complaint to the Nevada State Athletic Commission regarding the alleged “greasing” of UFC 94 opponent Georges St. Pierre. The 20 page novella not only re-states Penn’s original grievance with St. Pierre’s corner lathering him up between rounds, but further alleges that GSP “ingested a substance that would cause his body to become highly and unnaturally slippery during the bout.” Now them’s fightin’ words, Beej.

But the most eye-catching part of Team Penn’s complaint is, as you might have guessed, in the punishment section. According to the report, it is requested that Georges St. Pierre, Phil Nurse and Greg Jackson among others have their licenses suspended along with a fine of (up to) $250,000. The complaint is also seeking to change Penn’s January TKO loss to GSP to a no-contest. Lastly, and this is the best part, it is recommended that Georges St. Pierre “undergo a pre-bout shower to make sure no substances exist on his body.”

Yea, I see that last one happening. Right after Dana White partners up with Don King to co-promote Joe Rogan vs. Wesley Snipes.


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