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UFC 167: St-Pierre vs. Hendricks Play-by-Play

UFC 167: St-Pierre vs. Hendricks Play-by-Play

The UFC returns to action tonight, November 16, with UFC 167 live from the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. MMAFrenzy will have full UFC 167 play-by-play action of tonight’s pay-per-view main card beginning at 10PM ET. Be sure to check back and refresh often for complete coverage of tonight’s main card.

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Ali Bagautinov vs. Tim Elliott

Rd. 1- Kim Winslow is our referee tonight. Elliott is walking in with his hands low and taunting the Dagestani. Elliott showing good head movement early and AB connects on a few strikes in the clinch. Elliot shoots in but he is stuffed and eats a big right on the break. Hard punch and a big knee from the Dagestani. Nice combo by AB. Good jab by Elliott. Gorgeous counter takedown by AB and he lands a knee as Elliott scrambles up. AB connects and late with a punch and a headkick but is taken down when he tries to finish. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Bagautinov.

Rd. 2- Elliott pressure forward to start the round and his hands are still low. Nice right by AB. AB tags him with a 1-2 and a legkick. AB catches a knee and looks for a slam and he gets guillotined badly. AB slams out of the guillotine but Elliott scores the takedown in the scramble. Punches to the body by Elliott. AB misses an armbar but sweeps back to his feet. Huge right by AB and he connect again with a left. Body kick by AB. Elliot is stalking forward but not really throwing at all. AB takes top position after stopping a takedown but Elliott scrambles up. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Bagautinov (20-18)

Rd. 3- Elliott again storms forward and while he lands a right he takes several as well. Front kick to the face by AB. Combo by AB. Nice uppercut by AB. Good left by AB. Nice left by Elliott. Nice combinations by AB that Elliott is just avoiding that kill shot. Nice combination by Elliott. Good uppercut by Elliott as they break the clinch. Headkick by AB now. AB tries a takedown but Elliott stops it. Good right-left to a kick by Ali and Elliot lands a slight slam and a strike as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Elliot (29-28 Bagautinov).

Ali Bagautinov def. Tim Elliott via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Josh Koscheck vs. Tyron Woodley

Rd. 1- Herb Dean is our referree. Kos refuses a glove touch and takes a right hand to the chin. Woodley cracks Kos and sends him reeling to the cage. Woodley grabs a front headlock and lands a big knee as Kos stands. Kos reverses along the cage and seems intent to just land short knees before Dean breaks them up. Nice right hand and a hard legkick by Woodley. Nice straight right by Kos slows Woodley. Big right hook by Woodley floors Kos and Woodley is all over him. Big strikes and Woodley stands and drops a bomb to the chin of Kos. Somehow Kos is still breathing and he manages to tie up Woodley. Woodley walks him to the cage and lands several short shots before Dean stands them up. Kos is a mess. Kos tags Woodley. Woodley slips a punch and fires back with a pair of ungodly powerful right hooks and Kos is out cold as he hits the canvas.

Tyron Woodley def. Josh Koscheck via KO (punch) at 4:38 of Round 1

Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald

Rd. 1- Mario Yamasaki is tonight’s referee. No touch of gloves. Hard legkicks by Lawler earlier and he looks for a headkick. Rory is really trying to keep distance and play it smart so far. Teep to the body by Rory. Legkicks by Lawler. Both men kick each other at the same time. Lawler checks a MacDonald headkick and lands another big legkick. Rory is trying to establish the jab and the body teep. Lead uppercut by Lawler but Rory just avoids the full brunt of it. Nice combo by Lawler and he starts backing up Rory. Rory rotates off the cage wisely and we’re centered. Headkick that lands on the ribs by Lawler is caught but he lands some punches and Rory lets go. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Lawler.

Rd. 2- Rory tries a single and gives it up but lands a nice kick on the exit. Teep to the body by Rory. Light legkicks by Lawler and Rory with a good body kick. Nice strikes by Rory as Lawler backs him up. Nice hook by Lawler. Lawer tries another hook but gets caught by a legkick. Legkick by Lawler and Rory just has no urgency. Finally Rory with some offense and he connects on some nice shots. Good driving double leg by Rory now and Robbie gets double butterflies. Rory finally postures up but doesn’t do much until Lawler forces a scramble. Rory is using a cradle to hold Lawler down. Rory is just controlling posture on top and Robbie lands some punches from the bottom. Rory finally starts throwing elbows from his back at the 0:15 mark. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 MacDonald (19-19)

Rd. 3- Body kick by Lawler and he connects with a solid punch and big uppercut that rocks Rory. Rory staggers around but catches Lawler coming in and lands a takedown. Again Rory does nothing and Yamasaki stands them up. Lawler tags him again and Rory shoots in and Lawler throws him over and takes top with some solid strikes. Rory lockshim down but Lawler backs out and stands him up. Rory is bloodied up and Lawler tags him again. Accidental eyepoke by Lawler and Rory is ready to go after a short break. Rory tries to tree top a takedown by Lawler fends it off in crazy fashion. Lawler drops Rory again and he is landing solid ground-and-poound from side control. Rory is clearly hurt and as he recovers guard he eats a big hook. Rory tries a sweep but Robbie recovers position with 0:40 left. Rory tries for an armbar but Lawler backs out and they are standing. Rory with a driving takedown and he is trying big elbows and ground-and-pound trying to win the fight. Too little, too late though. MMAFrenzy has the round 10-9 Lawler and the fight 29-28 Lawler.

Robbie Lawler def. Rory MacDonald via split decision (29-28,28-29,29-28)

Rashad Evans vs. Chael Sonnen

Rd. 1- Herb Dean is our referee tonight. Sonnen storms forward and tries a double leg before entering the clinch. Short knees and punches by Chael but Evans reverses briefly and then they switch again. Evans with a double leg and Sonnen uses a guillotine to defend the choke. Nasty right hand by Evans and Sonnen swings back wildly but doesn’t really connect. Evans clinches again and secures a double leg takedown and passes to half guard. Lefts by Evans now but Sonnen is staying active so far. Nice right by Evans. Big right elbow from Evans lands and Sonnen gives up his back before giving up mount. Huge shots from the back mount and Sonnen is completely flattened out and taking big shots from Evans. Dean calls a halt to the fight due to the strikes and that’s a wrap.

Rashad Evans def. Chael Sonnen via TKO (strikes) at 4:05 of Round 1

UFC Welterweight Title Fight: Georges St-Pierre (c) vs. Johny Hendricks

Rd. 1-Touch of gloves. Takedown by GSP right off the bat to counter a big punch and GSP had a guillotine before Hendricks scrambles to his feet. Over-Under tie now and Hendricks controls along the cage and they’re off the cage but still clinched with knees. Yamasaki separates them. Hendricks with a nice uppercut as GSP shoots in and Hendricks defends the single leg with hard punches and elbows until GSP gives it up. Knees by Hendricks in the clinch. GSP is cut and bruised now. Hendricks with a takedown. Another hard punch from Hendricks. GSP stands and separates. Hard knee by Hendricks stuffs a GSP takedown. Legkicks by GSP. GSP is establishing his jab now. More knees by Hendricks in the over-under clinch. Nice elbow on the break by Hendricks. Legkick by Hendricks. Hook to headkick misses for Georges. Hendricks misses some big shots as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Hendricks.

Rd. 2- Legkick by GSP. Straight left by Hendricks. Legkicks by GSP finding their range. Hard left uppercut staggers GSP and Hendricks is on the warpath with hard shots. GSP clinches and then Yamasaki stops the fight to put Hendricks’ mouthpiece back in. Hendricks connects again! Hendricks pressures along the cage with hard knees to the thighs but GSP separates. Hard jab and a hook by GSP. GSP with a body teep. Good hook by Hendricks. GSP with a good right hand. Hendricks lands again. Nice jab by GSP stymies a Hendricks advance. Good headkick by Hendricks. Nice left shovel hook by Hendricks. Good exchange by both men. Headkick by Hendricks. GSP ducks a punch to clinch and Hendricks is landing to the body and thigh now. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Hendricks (20-18)

Rd. 3- Touch of gloves to start the round. Right hook by Hendricks. Legkick by GSP and a good return knee by Hendricks. Body shot by Hendricks. Legkick by GSP. Right hook by Hendricks. Hendricks storms and lands a few shots. GSP is landing now and connects on a good right. Good combo by Hendricks by GSP lands a great hook to counter it. GSP is grabbing the wrist of Hendricks when puts it out there and Hendricks uses it. Right by GSP and a good left too. Nice body head combo by the champion. Good right by GSP. Hendricks is having more trouble with the range in this round. Jab by Hendricks and he lands left. Hendricks has slowed now. Legkick by GSP. Good body-head combo by GSP. Takedown attempt by Hendricks and he gets it with 0:30 left. GSP scrambles after eating some punches. Takedown really made the round interesting but MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 GSP (28-29)

Rd. 4- Touch of gloves. Strikes by both men connect with little force. Cupcheck by GSP but Hendricks waves him on. Good combo by Hendricks and GSP slips trying to evade and Hendricks pounces. Elbows by Hendricks and GSP fires back. Body-head combos by Hendricks. Nice elbow by Hendricks. Hendricks lets up a busted GSP. Great combo by Hendricks. Another high legkick by GSP. Jabs by Hendricks and a nice uppercut too. GSP with a right hand and a takedown attempt but Hendricks stuffs it seizes the clinch. Single by Hendricks but GSP sprawls out and grabs a front-head. Hendricks back up and takes control of the clinch. Hard knees by both guys with short time. Hendricks in on a double with 0:10 left and he knees GSP’s thighs as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Hendricks (39-37)

Rd. 5- Tuch of gloves to start the round. Body kick by GSP and a good combo by Hendricks. GSP on a takedown attempt and he tries to run the pipe on the single but Hendricks shows awesome balance and he uppercuts his way out. Hendricks on a takedown attempt now. Knees to the thighs by Hendricks. GSP tries to kimura out and Hendricks muscles out. Hard strikes by GSP and he scores a takedown. Hendricks works his way back up after eating a knee. Clinch by Hendricks and GSP reverses along the cage. Fighters exchange knees. Yamasaki breaks them up. Hendricks stops the headkick. Legkicks by GSP. GSP on a takedown now with a minute left and he works hard for the single. GSP finally gets him down but Hendricks springs back up with 0:30 left. Hendricks tries a takedown nd GSP tries a kimura as time expires. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 GSP but the bout 48-47 Hendricks.

Georges St-Pierre def. Johny Hendricks via split decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47)


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