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More Questions Than Answers For Third Affliction Show

Apparently Carmichael Dave (of the Carmichael Dave KHTK Radio Show) likes to occasionally hand down insider information via the sherdog forums, the most recent edition featuring some curious news about Affliction’s third yet to be named MMA endeavor. Via BloodyElbow:

“…I have spoken with a highly placed source with Affliction who has confirmed the following:

– Affliction is going ahead with plans to have their next show go against UFC 100 in July.

– Fedor and Barnett WILL both be on the card, but WILL NOT
be fighting each other.

– The card will be shown for free in its entirety, network TBA.

– No confirmation on whether or not this is the final show for
Affliction, but the quote given to me was:

” We arent stupid. We arent bringing a knife to a gun fight. This
card will be STACKED from top to bottom.”

When I countered that with that statement made, a ton of pressure will be put on Affliction to find a favorable opponent for Fedor (since it will be a natural letdown that it isn’t Barnett), the quote was:

“The fans will have ZERO problem with Fedor’s opponent”

So let’s get this straight: Affliction is confident that their third installment will be strong enough to combat UFC 100, on a mystery network, with Fedor, but despite speculation and logic, without Fedor going against the only legitimate heavyweight left on the planet who he has yet to knock off. Well color me intrigued.

Who in the world could Fedor be facing that fan’s will have “zero problem with”? And given Affliction’s fairly slim roster and diminishing bankroll, what other bouts are making this card so stacked? Oh…and why the hell can’t Fedor face Josh Barnett if both are competing on the same card? Sure I’d be mildly interested in seeing Fedor submit Tito Ortiz or demolish a bloated Vitor Belfort, but Barnett is really the only man for the job in my eyes- and by that I mean someone who actually has at least a semblance of a chance at dethroning The Last Emperor.

All bickering aside, more MMA is more MMA, so if nothing else, I hope Affliction leaves the horrible announcers and metal bands at home and puts on a solid event. Hey even if they don’t at least its free…somehow.


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