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UFC on FOX 9: Zach Makovsky vs. Scott Jorgensen

UFC on FOX 9: Zach Makovsky vs. Scott Jorgensen

Zach “Fun Size” Makovsky (16-4) vs. Scott “Young Guns” Jorgensen (14-7, 3-3 UFC), at UFC on FOX 9

One of 3 flyweight fights on UFC on FOX 9, this bout features 2 high energy fighters who both recently dropped to 125 pounds after successful runs at 135. This fight offers a debut of sorts for both fighters, Jorgensen fighting at 125 for the 1st time and Makovsky making his 1st appearance in the UFC. With the UFC 125 pound division still coming into it’s own an impressive win here could be huge for the careers of both of these tough dudes.

Fun size Makovsky came to MMA in late 2006 after a respectable college wrestling career in the NCAA’s division 1. Despite never reaching all American status Makovsky had a reputation for being a hard working wrestler with clean technique. After wrestling he started to dabble in MMA and thanks to his background he had a real affinity for submission grappling. Zach took this grappling to another level in 2009-10 when he won gold medals at the FILA world grappling championships, a tournament known for attracting many former top wrestlers and European submission fighters.

Strengths– Zach has perfected his wrestling/grappling hybrid style, timing his shots really well before lunging deep in on his opponent’s hips for takedowns. Once on top he is a master of advancing position going fluidly from side control, to mount, to back mount. He usually stays busy enough to avoid a ref stand up and blends in ground n pound when he has to.

Zach’s stand up looks very clean as well. He holds his hands high, keeps his chin tucked, and mixes in punches and kicks very nicely without over extending himself. He’s not likely to score many KO’s with this style but it is undeniably effective at making his takedowns more effective.

Makovsky is also very quick; he’s got great lateral and front to back footwork and is very smart in the way that he uses it to never be too far out of position to score something, which he tries to do at the end of most rounds to appease the judges, very smart.

Weaknesses- At 135 Zach got swept or reversed from top position a bit more than I’d like, but that could be less of a problem at 125. For his positional grappling prowess he could definitely be heavier on top.

Common in fighters with his type of style, Zach definitely needs to consistently do more damage in all realms of a fight. He does his job and he wins fights most of the time but against the tough dudes in the UFC this style just gives them more chances to catch him. He needs to be meaner for sure.

It also shouldn’t come as a surprise that Zach has struggled with the super aggressive and bold fighters who are not afraid to take risks. His style is just tailor made for them to exploit.

Scott Jorgensen surprised many when he announced he was dropping to 125 pounds but it may pay off big. Never was he significantly outsized and his wrestling background made it unlikely he would ever be manhandled. All in all he’ had a very good career this far and brings a very respectable skill set to the Octagon.

Strengths- Jorgensen wrestled in the NCAA division 1 just like his opponent, winning his conference title but falling short on the national level. He uses this wrestling quite nicely in the traditional sense to take a man down or to keep the fight upright. He commits to his takedowns 100% and makes his opponents work.

Establishing the threat of the takedown allows Jorgensen to work some strong kickboxing. He hits very hard but could use more snap on his strikes. This is why he doesn’t score many KO’s but often leaves guys looking beat to hell. He has a strong right uppercut and right body kick in prticular.

Having been in there with the best his division’s best fighters Jorgensen will have a pretty big advantage in big fight experience here. He should also be HUGE for this weight class and I expect this will be key in his coming fights

Weaknesses- Jorgensen has come up short in almost all of his bigger fights, and we can only speculate if he has some sort of mental block or issue but it’s certainly possible.

Also not doing him any favors is his in between type style. What I mean by that is he gets out fought and beat to the punch by the more athletic guys and he gets picked apart by the technical ones. He needs to better learn when to switch gears and mix up game plans. This factor alone has been responsible for most of his losses.

I have been looking forward to seeing Fun Size in the Octagon for a while now. He isn’t getting any favors though and drawing Scott Jorgensen, on short notice, after a 25 minute fight just over 2 weeks ago will be a huge challenge. Factor in the size advantage Jorgensen should enjoy and I have to give this one to Young Guns. Scott Jorgensen wins this by dominant unanimous decision.


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